Out of the Blue for Deb

This is the last of the OUT OF THE BLUE SWAP and it is going to the hostess, my friend Deb, (or Bee,or Bae, or BAE_BEE!!) I wanted to make her something to inspire her and where she could look at it and perhaps place some of her wishes and dreams for herself on a soft pillow...where inspiration would fly on the wings of a butterfly and dreams could be held cushioned among flowers and bees!! So this is for you Deb....You continue to inspire and amaze me with your creativity!!
Artfully Yours,

Sundays Answer

Once again it is Sunday when I ask my Magical Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle Cards a question from deep within my soul...This is the card that I drew today...and it answered my question DEAD ON!!!!!!!!! I mean really!! There is a deep desire in me to use my art and my writings to touch people, to make them smile, to help them be the BEST that they can be. Now, I know that sounds a little new aged..but that is what my art and writings have done for me...They have allowed me to open up to ME! They have exposed to me a true sense of who I am and what I am doing! I dream bigger now, I laugh more now, and I am far more open than I have been since I was a child. It is this child like feeling inside, that causes me to want to help. Show people that the seriousness of life can be set aside, if even for a few minutes every day to bring a more joyous, playful wonderment back into our lives. It is my wish for all who enter here today and see this card and read this post that you take that moment...to just go within ask yourself the question and then wait for the answer with an open heart and be willing to receive what it brings....

Magical Mango Kitty!!

This is a piece of art that I did for Cheryl...She has her studio which she delightfully named the MAGICAL MANGO STUDIO...This kitty hopefully will adorn her wall to bring her magical wisdom as she creates!! This kitty started out as a rusty tin piece and was transformed...I love working on raw objects...tin, wood...It is such a wonderful feeling to make something come to life!! Enjoy this kitty Cheryl...You can see the before and after picture of Magical Mango Kitty at Dreaming in Color!
Artfully Yours,


I have received my first Out of the Blue art from Nici...It is this magical purse that has been designed with papers, pearlex, embossing powders and acrylics. There are fancy fibers that adorn the handle and a tassel!! But WAIT THAT'S NOT ALL!!!!!!! The inside was packed with hand made papers, a bag of embellishments with fibers and stamps and wonderful things to play with! And then there was a BEAUTIFUL blue stone hand made bracelet!! Now...just how lucky can one girl get!!!!!!!! Thank you so much Nici...I adore it and everything inside...and I am happy to have one wild child's special gift beside me!! Thanks for playing Nici...I will treasure this!
Artfully Yours,


I am feeling a bit like a celebrity.!!!!!!! Because ONCE again I have been written up! Karen Caterson of Square-Peg-People interviewed me for her newsletters earlier this year and well here it is!! If you do not subscribe to Karen's newsletter. She shares interviews with other creatives', books that are reviewed and tons of other information that keep us artists from thinking we just don't fit!!..Click the link and get a monthly dose of creatively with other like minded people...I tell you, its like a nice shot of espresso...Knowing that you are not alone in your creative world and that being a little left of center is quite normal for us right brain thinkers!! I met Karen at a retreat that I went to in 2005! Hey was it that long ago wild children??? Is it time to plan a reunion???? HUMMMMMM... Anyhow, I am honored to have been asked to be interviewed, and for being able to share a bit of myself and what makes me click...And with that being said...THANK YOU KAREN!!!!!!! Visit her at: www.square-peg-people.com
and read the latest newsletter at: http://www.square-peg-people.com/The_Encourager-SimpleMindedInspiration.html

Women In Art....

My friend, Chantal sent this link to me this morning....Oh, for all you creative women out there...for all the woman who are dreaming about being creative...for ALL WOMAN everywhere....This is beautifully done!! An inspiring!!

Bernie Berlin/A Place To Bark..

For all who do not know about Bernie and her work of saving animals...take a moment and see what it is that this amazing woman does! Bernie is in need of help from anyone who is a lover of animals. She saves animals, houses them, vet bills, food bills, transportation bills. If 100 people sent $10 (a little more than a latte!) it would certainly help her to continue....Look within...and visit Bernie at: A Place to Bark! Or better yet just press the little DONATE button! It will do your heart good!!

Getting Ready to FLY!!!!!!!!!!!

I am ready to get the next OUT OF THE BLUE project off to Chantal, who lives in England! I met Chantal through the Artella community. She is a wonderful soul, an amazing artist, and she does Angel readings!! You can met her here..... Anyhow, I started this Angel Diva last fall, but she refused to be finished!! Wasn't sure WHY at the time! So she remained in a corner of my studio untouched for 8 months...Then this swap came to me, out of the blue!! and the Angel appeared and wanted to be finished for Chantal...I cut her open and she has a hanging message inside! This piece is for "SHE WHO FLIES" and it is full of GROWTH and FLIGHT...Chantal is branching her artwork off into a direction where she is now making cards...May this piece hold the secrets to her inner spirit, her wisdom, and her beauty as she tends to her spirit so it may grow as she continues to fly!
Artfully Yours,

Artella 10 ...

The long awaited arrival of Artella 10 came to my mail box (via snail mail!) this weekend...This is a zine that is chocked full of inspiration from the front cover to the back cover!! I have the great honor of being one of 12 selected artist in this issue!! You can take a wonderful and inspiring walk through all of our studios and view the creative work and be part of our process. There is also, journal entries from each of us to give you a peek into our creative minds. And that doesn't even mention the articles and poetry and art INSIDE this zine! This issue (and not just because I am in it!!) made me laugh, made me cry, and made me jump for joy knowing all the talent that is being expose to the world. Marney and her staff have outdone themselves with this issue. If you do not get it YET, run your little fingers over the link and become a member to this wonderfully supportive group of creative beings. I promise you will not be disappointed! www.artellaland.com (just press the Mangozine Tree)
I for one am going outside to sip some ice tea and read, linger, and be inspired by all the pages...Oh and did I mention GOODIES...Lots of FREE goodies packed inside and on the site!! What are you waiting for?!?!?!
Artfully Yours,


There are changes going on around me that I have no control over in the slightest! My good husband was informed that his entire complex where he works (computer work!) will be outsourced to India by the end of the month!! Now, this is a pretty scary thing for people rapidly approaching their 60's with mortgages, and bills to be paid. So I turned to my Oracle cards today, (as I do every Sunday) and asked for a sign...This card was the most powerful as my hands lightly touched each card...When I turned it over, I was told that I was SAFE...Safe to be powerful!! That by using my power instead of worrying I can continue to be not only gentle but powerful and still be effective!!!!!!! It truly was a card that wanted to surface and reaffirm that I am on the path that I am suppose to be on!! Causing deep, down within my being SMILES!!!
May your day start out and end with you also standing in your POWER!
Artfully Yours,

Breast Cancer Tokens...

My friend Cheryl, gave a jewelry making class at her local Breast Cancer Coalition to those living with cancer and cancer survivors. When she put out a call for anyone of her friends to send along a small gift for the participants. I knew that I wanted to make something, but I wasn't sure what...I pondered and remembered that when I was dealing with my own illness I use to carry with me a smooth shell that my father use to carry in his pocket...He called it his worry stone, and you could feel the indentation where he rubbed his thumb over and over it (as he went through his own radiation treatments) After his passing we found these worry stones everywhere, and my sister and I both took one. Months later when I was going through my surgeries my stone was with me...I kept it in my bathrobe pocket, my pant pocket, my jacket pocket! So with that in mind I wanted to make tokens that these loving souls could have to keep for them self. A token that was small enough to carry concealed in their pocket but big enough to carry the love, faith, belief,and hope that was sealed into each and every one! This was a project that brought back many thoughts for me, but most of all it brought back the idea that we as women MUST reach out in whatever way we can to help other women when they most need it! So with that being said, see where it is that your heart directs you...volunteer your skill, your art, your time to something that calls to you...It will do your heart good!!
Artfully Yours,

Leap Of Faith/ Out of the Blue Swap for Nici

This is the piece that I did for Nici for the Out of the Blue Swap that Deb started!! It is going out in the mail today...Almost done with Chantal's piece and Debs piece!!



Comes to you with great bounds of happiness, cheer and joy!

He carries a heart with his leap to inspire you and for you to listen

To your inner stirrings….May he grace your studio wall with love,

Hope, Peace and Joy….




As many of you know I am on a quest this year to be published in more national magazines. I have been checking all the CALL FOR ARTISTS in the magazines that I love to look at and be inspired by....This was a call for artist put out by ART DOLL QUARTERLY which they challenged artist to make dolls out of gourds. These 2 were my submissions, and they have contacted me and they will be published in the fall issue of the magazine. I am so excited, honored and feeling joyous about this FIRST STEP! Now, I have never made dolls out of gourds before, but someone gave me a bag of gourds that has been in my garage for the past 5 years! I always wanted to do something with them, but originally thought of bird houses!! I went through the bag and decided that these gourds were the ones that spoke to me!!
My heart is in the Garden...was the first one that I made...The face came and then her bodice just sort of painted itself...because the gourd would not sit straight I opted to place it on the grapevine wreath and embellish it....The hat is made from felt and I just love her whimsical look!!
A Pair in a Chair...was inspired by a photo of my sister and I when we were young!! I originally thought I would use the photo's of our faces, but these gourds wanted to speak for them self! So I took doll parts and made the legs and once they were completed placed them on a little wooden chair that I had painted up....
This has been a year of challenges in all sorts of ways for me and I am so happy to have this first soon to be published piece under my belt....Just makes me so totally aware that the POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks to all who visit and view and for all the loving support and inspiration! Share in my happiness.....
Artfully Yours,

Set Your Sights Higher!

Today as I am trying to pick up my messy studio to get ready for MANY projects...I decided that I should pick a card from my Magical Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle Deck..(given to me by Chantal!!) Anyhow, I asked the Universe the question: AM I TRULY ON THE RIGHT PATH?
This card was my answer...I have heavens reassurance that I am ready. That I should reach for the stars and receive the gifts with open arms....This is a very important card, as I have been putting things off, only partly playing with some of my projects, taking new projects on when I have not completed others...So YES...I do need to increase my standards and expect more for and from myself!! Yes....I need not settle!! So...it is very important that I get this space UNCLUTTERED! Because when it is as cluttered as it is right now it tends to confuse me and makes for confusion as to where I should start and where I should finish!! So I clutter myself more and more. So thank you Universe for telling me this, reminding me that today I should visualize and dream about my true heart's desires. That would be my wish for all today also...let fear and worry be released and throw your doubts to the wind....It all just slows you down!!
Artfully Yours,