A is for ASHLEY!!!!!!!!

This is a picture of one of those paper letters that they have out in the craft stores. My great niece is 3 and I thought this would look GREAT in her girlie room!! And perhaps even something that she will be able to have for as long as her hearts desires.The letters are fairly easy to paint as long as you allow drying time!! The paper gets a little bubbly when you first start but dries tight! I embellished with jewels and glitter just like every girl loves....I try every year to make her and her sister something...One because I love to make my gifts...Two, because I am hoping it will strike a creativity cord in them!! Anyhow, as you can see it is Christmas eve and this elf is still at work...The E is almost done for Emily....So back to the paint!!
Artfully Yours,

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Cheryl, The Beading Muse ~~ said...

I just love everything you do! It's so...YUMMY!!...all I need is a spoon --and it's calorie free :)
I do appreciate your cheery art!