Challenge To Play!!

Our friend Deb Silva of:
sent me this challenge....
Want to do something fun?
I was feeling like sending a little piece of art to someone today, just for fun, when I had this, (totally unoriginal), idea, and it goes like this; I will select three artists and send them this post explaining that I'd like to send them a little piece of art for my "Out of the Blue Mail Party", (they can always refuse to give me their address - lol). They in turn would send out a piece, (all different or three of the same), to three artists, one being the original sender, and two new artists etc...and off course post everything to their respective blogs! (Does that make sense?)
I would like to challenge the two of you to PLAY along.
You would each make 3 pieces of art....(anything you want!) Send one to me and challenge 2 other players for your other pieces...
DO YOU WANT TO PLAY???????????
Artfully Yours,

Birthday Girl

My sister was celebrating her birthday and what do you give to someone after so many years!!?? Well, I remembered this photo of her that was taken at my grandma's house with her dog FIFI....Anyhow, there are few photos left of us as kids (long story of flooding basements, leaky attics, and moves!!) So here is the birthday girl all decked out in her crown with her fairy wings and little dog!! She stands a top her own little birthday cake. Hopefully she will look at this every day and remember to treat herself very special...Happy Birthday Sister of Mine!!
Artfully Yours,

Casey and Matt

Here is a picture of the new parents to be with the painting I did for the baby to be born in July!!
The really funny thing about this picture is that they have chosen to decorate the baby's room in stars and moons!! Now, I did not know this ahead of time! I have known Casey since the day she was born!! And it is a standing joke with her Mom, Lori and I that she is secretly my child, because we have so very much in common...When I was painting this picture, the thought that Casey would love it was there with every stroke!! And both her and Matt do!! One happy family!! Casey was so sure that I made something for the baby that I made sure that the painting was well hidden and the very last gift to be opened. I had wrapped up a little blanket and pair of pj's that had a little giraffe on them. (Casey had a little giraffe that she carried around with her forever, infact she still has it!!) The shower was wonderful, good food, good conversations, good company!! Blessings to all....
Artfully Yours,

Design Question?????????????

I have a question?????????????
Would you wear this graphic on a t-shirt?????????????
The challenge was to ONLY use 6 colors which was really hard for me...But please let me know what you think...I am curious to know...Thanks...
Artfully Yours,

Off Line for a week!!

I haven't forgotten to post....I am going to be off line for a week as I am going out of town...
till I get back, may you be artful!
Artfully Yours,

7 Random Things About ME! my friend Bae tagged me and I am to write 7 random things about myself:

1. I am on what I like to call the"GET KNOWN NATIONALLY 2007 TOUR" (sending out lots of "artist calls")

2. I am almost bald and when I am completely bald I am going to have GLAMOUR SHOTS done by my friend Denise who is a fabulous photographer!)

3. I do not like Tuna Fish.

4. I question myself all the time!! (but I do not let it get to me to often!!)

5. I love deeply and hard, wearing my heart on my sleeve, so sometimes I get hurt!

6. I love ice cream and often eat it for dinner.

7. I do art every day, because I know no other way to live my life!

So there you go...7 random things about I am off to tag others!! TEE-HEE


This is a picture of a wonderful 4 by 4 piece of altered art by Helene from France!! It is a beautiful turqoise blue background with embossed silver and white...An adorable fairy ... It is wonderful and I just can't wait to frame it and hang it in my studio...It reminds me of a song that I so love by Michael Franks, called Wonderland...It was a great pleasure to swap with her and if you have not yet gone to her blog or website, do so....She is a very deep, honest, and soul artist who is making her way though her journey of life, with one piece of art at a time. Thank you so much Helene...I will treasure it!
Artfully Yours,

Freedom From Self-Improvement Day

Jennifer Louden
Creator of Freedom From Self-Improvement Day

31 days of art...Lettering

I am getting ready to send out my 31 days of art project swap and realized that I haven't posted a lot of them....Here is a study in lettering....I like to write on things all of a sudden...But, I am trying to perfect a style that I like ...I personally like the WISH one....It is difficult to remember that perfect penmanship award that I won in the 4th grade!! LOL....But it is slowly coming back to me!!
Artfully Yours,

Fish Fly!!!!!!!!!!

It has been a while since I last posted any art that I have been working on! So here is a baby shower gift that I have almost completed...Still have a few little details to work on and then I will seal it...I am thinking that a metallic orange frame would be really cool on this piece. The total size is 16 by 20 and it is on a flat canvas board...Now, I usually do not use flat canvas, and while doing this piece I remember why...but when the vision came to me, it was the only board I had and being somewhat impatient (LOL) I had to start it right away....Thus...canvas board!! I hope all who venture here today, enjoy this piece as much as I do....cause it sure does make me HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Artfully Yours,

Same prompt...seen differently!

someone was saying, a room with two candles, about shadows, someone watching, began to believe, notice, city,someone dancing, a wall, the night would not end, music was over, saying,
stars, how small they were, nothing, ahead, dandelion..

She had hit a wall during the day,
and now the night would not end...
There was something about shadows,
that felt like someone was watching.

She noticed how small they were
there in the city of her making...
Nothing seemed to be ahead and
the music was over.

Someone was saying BELIEVE.
and then there was someone dancing
in a room with two candles.

She smiled and repeated
Stars and dandelions...
Dandelions and stars...

She began to believe.

Writing Prompt...

I was sent this writing prompt via THE MUSE IS IN newsletter today....And thought I would share what I wrote....It is a lot of fun to see what you come up with when given a series of words, or sentences..

someone was saying, a room with two candles, about shadows, someone watching, began to believe, notice, city, someone dancing, a wall, the night would not end, music was over, saying, stars, how small they were, nothing, ahead, dandelion

At first there was nothing

In the night that would not end.

She saw the shadows flying

Against the wall, and

how small they were there

In the city of her dreams.

She felt someone watching and

Then someone saying




There in a room with two candles

She saw someone dancing

The music was over.......

And once again she began to


Believe….In dandelions

and stars.

May you also believe in dandelions and stars...HAPPY MAY DAY TO ALL!!!!!!!!!!

Artfully Yours,