Color ..(coloring books)

Someone asked me the other day, how I start a painting.This is not an easy question to answer, but I am going to give it a good try!! I usually start a painting just by putting on a background of color. Lots of color, I layer different colors on top of each other, blend colors until it is pleasing to me. Then I look at it and see what it is that is is telling me to do. Sometimes a visual comes to me, sometimes a word. If the visual comes, well then that is the easy part. I sketch it on the background and start to paint. If the word comes to me, then I have to dig a little deeper and see what it is that the word wants me to paint...Today, in my daily journal the word was DREAM. After I thought about what it was that the word was saying to me, I wrote it down and then the image appeared. I do these sort of like coloring books. Remember coloring books? Weren't they the best? My wish for all today is that you go and get yourself one of those coloring books and a box of Crayolas. The box of 24 has all the good colors, but it you want real fun, spring for the box of 64!! If you have to start out as a closet colorer, I completely understand that! LOCK THE DOOR, PULL DOWN THE BLINDS, PUT THE CAT OUT and GO FOR IT! You will find and remember absolute bliss.
How do I know this, because I do this in some form every day. And trust me when I tell you...You will not believe the difference it makes in your life. TRY IT..YOU JUST MIGHT FALL IN LOVE WITH COLORING ALL OVER AGAIN!
Artfully Yours,

Altered Book Page

I am in an Altered Book exchange with 4 other very talented women! We are doing ABC books and the theme is MUSE ALPHA-BABES! When I first started creating the pages for the book, I had never done an altered book before. Being a painter rather than a collage artist I was intimindated as heck. These women had done it before and they ROCKED! So what the heck did I think I was doing joining in this media that I had only looked at and never really done before?! I finally let myself start to have FUN with the process! My mind started playing with images and I realized that the whole concept of the book just needed to be FUN for me...PLAY DATE with myself I guess you would say!! The pages that I create have paint and paper on them, along with embellishments and written words. This is my "K" page (Kid-Like Genius Muse) and I did it in honor of the womans' book that I had, Marney. Marney is a genius when it comes to her artistic talent and you can visit her at She has an amazing site and runs the best retreats! Anyhow, that is my wish for all today. That the process of your creativity remains FUN for you! Don't stress about it, because you won't get anything done if you do!! Just sit back, enjoy the process, do it with wild abandonment. CREATIVITY IS GOOD AND DESERVES TO BRING YOU JOY AND MOMENTS OF CREATIVE FUN!
Artfully Yours,

Strut Your Stuff!

So I am keeping on track with the plan of doing one painting every two days...Some of the paintings overlap between drying time, but I am extremely proud of myself that I continue on one small step at a time with this project. It would be easier on some days to give up and throw in the towel. Some days I just don't have the vision of a painting, some days I just don't feel "good enough" to do a painting.And then there are other days like the painting here...Where it flows freely and I end up loving the picture and the meaning behind it. The title of this painting is " Strut Your Stuff" and sometimes that is just what you have to do. Believing in yourself and your abilities is a wonderful thing, and knowing that the message you have to share is something everyone can relate to is powerful. So that is my wish for all today, that you strut your stuff, whatever it may be. Know that if you are putting 100% into it you will get that all back in the positive feeling you will walk away with for yourself and the manifestation of your dreams.
Artfully Yours,

Breaking out of the egg...

Here is another completed picture for the show I am preparing for! Breaking out of the egg is the title of this piece. I often feel "trapped" inside my own egg. Especially when I compare my art to others, think I can't do anything right, get into the FEAR zone...Fear of failure, but better yet, Fear of success. So this picture shows and tells me how colorful life is, how creative energy is so individual. How others can relate to the same feelings that I have so I know that I am not alone, and I know I have something to say with my art. The egg is the idea, the hatching is honoring myself and that idea! So, by having this show I AM BREAKING OUT OF MY EGG! The comfort zone of myself and my studio, doing something totally different from what I usually do...This is the beginning, the hatching of the new ideas, the hatching of the ideas that stir in my soul...This is the beginning...
And that is my wish for all today...Honor your hatching, honor your ideas, because you cannot fly if you remain in your egg!
Artfully Yours,


It is a VERY EXCITING DAY for me today....The ART BRA that my sister Nancy and I designed has been choosen to be MISS OCTOBER in the 2007 WTWW Calendar! My friend Royce helped me perfect the story that goes with it. This is a HUGE honor, and all the money raised from the sale of the calendar and the auction will be used to benefit Women who do not have medical insurance. Please take a moment and believe that YOU can make a difference in the world by helping this cause. You can purchase
the calendars at: . It is the little things in life that make up the big picture of who and what we are and do....GIVE A LITTLE TODAY!

The Power of Pink
Written by: Patricia J. Mosca and Royce Addington

Goddess of Pink Power

She always loved Pink!
During her Wild Child days of delighting in every moment, scrumptious
Delectable Pink adorned her from head to toe. It made her feel pretty. Deeper
Than pretty, really, because Pink is the color of miracles.
Ah, Pink!
Bubblegum and Roses, Flamingos and Flaming Sunsets.

As she grew older, Pink became less of a focal point in her wardrobe.
She decided that “black” was her color of choice in her twenties. Her
Thirties were “blue” and Pink slipped further into the shadows. But,
Pink was patient.

It wasn’t until after the visit to her doctor…after the screams and tears.
After she began her treatments. After the shock wore off. As she started
to piece back the fabric of her life. Her strength, and her courage allowed
her to live again. And what did she discover?

Pink is the energy that moves us out of negative states, giving us
Physical and spiritual clarity. Pink is the balance of yin and yang.
Pink is tremendously powerful.

The wild child wears the ribbon proudly, the symbol of a bodacious
Warrior. It diminishes the fear and anguish of dis-ease. It lovingly
Supports the integrity of the individual. Pink is the color of healing.
Pink is the color of her soul. She glitters in pink, she glides, she
Feels pretty!

Never underestimate the Power of Pink! It HEALS OUR WORLD!
When you have a choice, wear and think Pink!

Fly on the Wings of YOUR dreams

I did a series of these winged diva's for a gallery. They have all SOLD but I am beginning to make some more. These divas are made out of paper mache with fabric, paint and wood. The wings are feathers, and each one is completely different. The theme of this one is "FOLLOW YOUR HEART". If you are interested in one of these, please leave a message and an E-mail address and I will get back to you.
My wish for all today is that they do follow their hearts and discover and honor the creativity that they hold within them. That they soar and fly to great heights on the wings of their dreams.
Artfully Yours,


I am working on completing 14 paintings for a one woman show. I usually do not paint framed art pictures so this is an experience. First I got myself all crazy with comparing what I do with other people...NOT A GOOD IDEA!! Then, I tried to paint in a way that is just not like ME!...ANOTHER BAD IDEA!!..Finally I let it all go and got back down to doing art, my way! So it isn't what if it is paper...Do what you do!! Most of these paintings will have written words on them and that is exciting to me. Because I dream of paintings and words, I journal with paintings and words, the furniture that I paint usually has words on why should this be any different?! So that is my wish for all today, don't try to be something or someone that your not. It just makes life so sad...Just enjoy who you are, celebrate your own uniqueness. It's the one thing that sets you apart from the rest! Today I just can't paint fast enough, cause I am finally letting ME be ME!
Artfully Yours,

Soul Collage Card

I am the one who is firmly rooted in your soul.
I am the one who gives you the courage.
I am the one who is strong and powerful.
I am the one who continues to grow.
I am the one who reaches upward to a new tomorrow.
I am the one who believes.

This is a soul collage that I made this morning. It honors my creativity. I spent almost the entire day in the studio yesterday. Running between projects...doing a little here.. a little there ... waiting for paint to dry..waiting for inspiration to come...working on an altered book...working on paintings for a one woman show...playing with my strength! I almost forgot to eat I was having so much fun!!
And that is my wish for all today...I wish for you to know your strength and to play with it every chance you to get back into the studio the paint is calling!
Artfully Yours,

Pretty In Pink Diva Necklace Holder....

Here is a perfect addition to your dresser for your favorite necklaces...Why put them
away where you can't see them? Display them on this perfectly pretty in pink Diva!
This item is all handpainted paper mache'and wood that has been sealed to give it a protective coating. Shipping and Handling included in the $30 price. Leave me a message with an E mail address and I will get back to you....
Artfully Yours,

Reflection Fr"I"day!

After I have done my creative journaling for Monday thru Thursday. I step back and reflect on what it was that I was speaking to myself about that week. As I study to become a Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach, I have discovered a good deal about myself.
My fears, my joys, my ups and downs and how to deal with them using very small steps to get past them and restructure my life. It takes a while to reprogram yourself, but if you are gentle and patient with yourself it is a very powerful thing. So, on Friday, I do a page called REFLECTION Fr"I"day. Here I affirm my path, give credit to myself, and see where I am. This journal is positvie affirmations...Something we don't often do for ourself. This has led me to a path the goes straight to my core being. I am honoring all that it has to say. So today, that is my wish for all...that they look inside to receive their answers, and that they listen to the truth of their soul.
Artfully Yours,

My Clarity

I went on a retreat this weekend at a beautiful spot called SPIRITFIRE!This retreat was a gathering of 19 woman who explored the beauty of Soul Collage. If you are not aware of what that is by all means FIND OUT!! You do not have to have artistic talent to do this wonderful art form. It is truly a self discovery process through collage. I would recommend this to anyone and everyone who is wanting to do a little soul searching.Anyhow, when I had to re-enter my "real" world it got a little crazy, I started to spin a little out of control. And after coming from a place where I was the center of myself and I was being nutured by others and myself, the thought of cleaning the litter box was really unappealing!
So, I had to reflect on what it was that I needed and wanted to keep from this retreat. I will listen to the whispers of my soul to bring me my clarity.
Here are a couple websites that will show you about Soul Collage. This site is by Ann Marie Bennett...She put on the retreat and it was all that and more! This site is Seena Frost...who founded Soul Collage....BUY THE BOOK!
If I sound like an AD I am sorry, but this was one of the most rewarding retreats I have ever been on!! So my wish for everyone today is that you too will listen to the truth of your soul,it brings great wisdom to you. Honor yourself and your clarity!
Artfully Yours,

My Silence

Yesterday was a day of silence..I am not sure why, but no thoughts of creativity
came to me! I was slow moving...I lounged, I relaxed, I did not pressure, or push myself in any way! I usually do my journaling in the morning, but it did not speak to me till around 11:30 in the evening and when it did, it spoke to me of the silence of the day. I have realized that this silence is a lull, a time for me to juice myself back up! I use to "beat" myself up about this process, but now, I welcome it, I let it surround me and I enjoy the process. Usually something GREAT comes out of the silence.That is my wish for you...That you take time, listen to your silence, see what it has to say to you and watch for the GREATNESS to come flooding in.
Artfully Yours,

Max Makes A Million!

There are some days that I just seem to hit the wall running! You know those days when the inspiration just doesn't come! This morning was one of those days! So I pulled out my copy of Max Makes A Million by Maira Kalman! A wonderful book to inspire everyone who has a dream that they are trying to capture for themself and staying true to that dream despite everything! A crazy cast of characters and a HAPPY ENDING!! So here is my wish for you today...I wish for you to have your "dream shoes" on and that your shoes are "yearning to tapdance down a lucky street." I know that I have found mine and they are tapping away..headed right into the studio and the paint!
Artfully Yours,

My Littlest BIG Love

This is a picture of my grandson who is my newest little BIG love!! The amount of joy that he has brought into our lives is so powerful. He has helped all of us to be a little more aware of the wonderment of life! He has brought so much more laughter, and smiles than we could of ever imagined. Take time today and enjoy a child! Look at things from a lower level point!! Everything looks so big and wonderful! Even if you don't have children around you watch them in stores, watch them in parks! Watch the exploring in their eyes! It will do your heart a world of good! It will make you once again aware that there is so much around us to look at, to listen to, to explore! I get to spend the day doing just that today, so I am off to play! Hope you bring a little play into your world today too!!
Artfully Yours,

The Spirit of Thomas

This is a piece of tin art that I have created in honor of my friend, Debs beloved cat Thomas.
Thomas passed away recently after many years of loving companionship to Debs, Tim and grandma Faye...It is always a heart breaking day when one of our beloved pets leave us. But, I know that Thomas is sitting with grandma Faye in a rocking chair purring ever so contently! This garden ornament is a reminder that Thomas is always within the reach of Debs heart.This is a gift that I will be taking to California with me when I meet Debs for the very first time!We are cyber friends, heart friends, kindred spirits...My life has changed in many ways since meeting her! So, today, my wish is that you take a moment and tell your friend that you care about them, that you are so happy they are in your life, that because of them you are a better
person. Make a card, send a card, draw a picture, or just pick up the phone! It will make your day and theirs!
Artfully Yours,

Honering Myself

I had to give a presentation last night on the phone for a class that I am taking. I am in the
process of being certified as a Kaizen-Muse Coach. (I will coach people to help them get to
their creative dreams, one small step at a time)
Anyhow, it was hot and humid and I was already nervous enough, but I had to go last! After 9 other wonderful presentations. I was nervous, and seeing as it was on the phone, you don't get to see peoples faces and see if they are connecting with what you are saying. I felt like I was 10 years old and having to get up in front of the whole class to give a book report for the very first time!! Remember that feeling?! Well, I got thru it! I listened to the recording of it this morning and it wasn't half bad! So today I am honoring myself for doing something that was totally out of my comfort box! For affirming to myself in yet another way that I am on the right path. And that is my wish for you today. That you step out of your comfort and try something NEW! Discover a part of yourself that you have been longing to do, but because you feel the fear you do not dare to leap....LEAP!, believe me you will have wings!!
Artfully Yours,

My Desire

"Do not fail to draw something every day, for no matter how
little it is, it will be well worth while, and it will do you a
world of good." (Cennino Cennini, 1370-1440)

This quote came across my machine this morning after I had completed my morning journal page. It is exactly how I feel! I have come to realize that this makes me feel so alive and starts my day in a very positive way. My wish is that everyone could do this in some creative form before the day begins for them. Take 5 minutes and write, doodle, sketch, sew, yoga,exercise!
Whatever it is that makes your heart WILL do you a world of good.
Artfully Yours,