Reflection Fr"I"day!

After I have done my creative journaling for Monday thru Thursday. I step back and reflect on what it was that I was speaking to myself about that week. As I study to become a Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach, I have discovered a good deal about myself.
My fears, my joys, my ups and downs and how to deal with them using very small steps to get past them and restructure my life. It takes a while to reprogram yourself, but if you are gentle and patient with yourself it is a very powerful thing. So, on Friday, I do a page called REFLECTION Fr"I"day. Here I affirm my path, give credit to myself, and see where I am. This journal is positvie affirmations...Something we don't often do for ourself. This has led me to a path the goes straight to my core being. I am honoring all that it has to say. So today, that is my wish for all...that they look inside to receive their answers, and that they listen to the truth of their soul.
Artfully Yours,

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Royce said...

I think these incredibly inspirational Fr"I"day entries would make a spectacular addition to a one-woman "Artfully Yours" show!

I can see them on the wall of a gallery, grouped as intimate stepping stones...each in its own spotlight... taking us on a personal journey into the heart of creativity!