It is a VERY EXCITING DAY for me today....The ART BRA that my sister Nancy and I designed has been choosen to be MISS OCTOBER in the 2007 WTWW Calendar! My friend Royce helped me perfect the story that goes with it. This is a HUGE honor, and all the money raised from the sale of the calendar and the auction will be used to benefit Women who do not have medical insurance. Please take a moment and believe that YOU can make a difference in the world by helping this cause. You can purchase
the calendars at: . It is the little things in life that make up the big picture of who and what we are and do....GIVE A LITTLE TODAY!

The Power of Pink
Written by: Patricia J. Mosca and Royce Addington

Goddess of Pink Power

She always loved Pink!
During her Wild Child days of delighting in every moment, scrumptious
Delectable Pink adorned her from head to toe. It made her feel pretty. Deeper
Than pretty, really, because Pink is the color of miracles.
Ah, Pink!
Bubblegum and Roses, Flamingos and Flaming Sunsets.

As she grew older, Pink became less of a focal point in her wardrobe.
She decided that “black” was her color of choice in her twenties. Her
Thirties were “blue” and Pink slipped further into the shadows. But,
Pink was patient.

It wasn’t until after the visit to her doctor…after the screams and tears.
After she began her treatments. After the shock wore off. As she started
to piece back the fabric of her life. Her strength, and her courage allowed
her to live again. And what did she discover?

Pink is the energy that moves us out of negative states, giving us
Physical and spiritual clarity. Pink is the balance of yin and yang.
Pink is tremendously powerful.

The wild child wears the ribbon proudly, the symbol of a bodacious
Warrior. It diminishes the fear and anguish of dis-ease. It lovingly
Supports the integrity of the individual. Pink is the color of healing.
Pink is the color of her soul. She glitters in pink, she glides, she
Feels pretty!

Never underestimate the Power of Pink! It HEALS OUR WORLD!
When you have a choice, wear and think Pink!

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