Computer Problems..

Well, it is a new computer that was running fast and now.....SLOW!! I am trying to
push this, look at that, unload, upload!! There is just a sort of love/hate affair that I have with this machine!! I am learning more about the wonderful things that it can allow me to do, along with the tempermental side of her!! You know, you can't even bribe her with candy or a movie to get her out of her nasty little moods!! So I have my personal GEEK SQUAD going to take a look at her....(my son and his friend...they work cheap...a couple of beers and I am as good as gold!..NOT to worry they are well over the age of 21!)
Anyhow, this machine has totally tied up my day for 3 days now....and you know what I am starting to get a little annoyed with the whole thing!! Today, after I post this, I am NOT going to try to get outlook express to work...NO! I am NOT going to worry about who has been sending me wonderful E mail!....NO! I am going to leave this desk and go over to paint.....WELL, MAYBE I WILL TRY TO FIX ONE MORE THING!! A totally addicted computer geek wantabee!!
Wishing all who enter here today FAST and BUGLESS computers!!
Artfully Yours,

Good Morning to All who enter here today!!

I just wanted you to know that there is an on line daily creative
newspaper, called THE DAILY MUSE, and it is put out by a wonderful
woman and her staff from Artella...Now, if you haven't had the GREAT
pleasure of knowing this site, do yourself a favor and check it out!! is a link on my side bar)and you
can get to the newspaper via there or directly at:
They run a special to receive a couple of days FREE...why not give
it a try!! I write for them every once in a while and have a page in
the Calmitic section on Tuesday and Thursday!! I have also attended
the wonderful retreats that Artella puts on and have met some of the
most amazing woman!! Plans for this years retreat are in the making!!

If you are looking for a great teacher and another wonderful present that
you can give to yourself check out the two retreats that Jill Badonsky has
to offer!! (also a link on my side bar)I promise you won't regret that one either!! You will come away with a self awareness that will stay with you forever!!
Artfully Yours,

Good Tuesday to YOU!!

Just a little note to wish all who enter in today a WONDERFULLY
Creative Tuesday! Whatever you choose to do with your day, be aware of
the wonderful moments...SMILE...LAUGH...BE GOOD TO YOURSELF...BE GOOD
Make sure you take a peek and see what is new at: (the side bar will take you right to it!)
And: www. (again you will find it on the side bar)
Leave me a note if you are so inclined....LOVE to hear from YOU!
Artfully Yours,

Book Meme!

Book Meme
Here's a book related meme:

1. Take five books off your bookshelf.
2. Book #1 -- first sentence
3. Book #2 -- last sentence on page fifty
4. Book #3 -- second sentence on page one hundred
5. Book #4 -- next to the last sentence on page one hundred fifty
6. Book #5 -- final sentence of the book
7. Make the five sentences into a paragraph:
And here it is:

Call me Max.

Laughter causes misery to vanish.

What about when you're feeling tortured, bored,restless or agitated or you're waiting in an endless line?

The most enlightened beings approach life always as students, open to learning something new about themselves or about their craft.

And no grown-up will ever understand that this is a matter of so much importance!

Books Used:

Max Makes A Million..Maira Kalman

If Life is a GAME, These are the RULES..Cherie Carter Scott

Prosperity Pie...Sark

The Nine Modern Day Muses (and a bodyguard) ... Jill Badonsky

The Little Prince....Antoine De Saint-Exupery

Try it is fun to see what comes up!!
Artfully Yours,


""Dreams are renewable. No matter what our age or condition, there are still untapped possibilities within us and new beauty waiting to be born."
~ Dale E. Turner


Today I took a few hours and went to a fellow artists house! I packed up some art supplies for the cover of a book I am working on and went and played at her house.It gave me a different view of working, and different supplies to work with! I had the run of her paper and embellishments while she painted! It was a very happy time, we listened to music, talked and laughed and gve each other the pat on the back that we as artists usually only give ourself! We have decided that this will be a monthly thing that we will do, taking turns at each others house to raid each others piles of supplies! (remember one man's trash is another man's treasure!) I am posting the beginning of the cover! My friend showed me how to paper weave while I was there so the cover took on a whole new look!There is hand made paper and a felt heart that I made, and paper that I sewed...Not sure yet what else is going to happen to this cover, but it is a BEGINNING! This is the cover to my first book of affirmations...there are 49 pages to this book...I would like to publish it, so I am looking into different venues for that...Wishing all who venture here today a wonderfully creative and HAPPY day!
Artfully Yours,

I will now be posting my affirmation pages on my other blog spot...this spot
is going to be for art that I am making that is SOLD or other wise spoken for...
Ramblings of my heart...other people who make art and how it inspires me!! Different
links for wonderful artists...PAYING IT FORWARD in a way....
So paste in the above link if you are looking for the affirmation pages...There is a new one every day Monday thru Thursday...and then....REFLECTION FRIDAY!!
All is good...and that is my wish for you also....
Artfully Yours,

MY OWN ART BRA!! (Sister Queen)

I wanted to share the Art Bra that my sister made for ME for Christmas!! I am thrilled to have this hanging on my studio wall where I can see it every day!! As most people know I have done an Art Bra for for the past two years...The first year with my friend Kathy and this past year with my sister, Nancy. This year another friend was involved with helping me write the story for the bra (Royce Addington, unfortunetly they did not give her credit on the calendar, but SHE KNOWS THAT I APPRECIATED ALL HER HELP!!)...Long story short, The bra now graces the pages of their beautiful calendar as the month of October. This is such an honor on many counts, but because October is breast cancer awareness month we are truly honored...our bra is titled THE POWER OF PINK and you can view it in a much earlier post!! They auction off the bras and ALL the money from the auction and the sales of the calendars will be going to the Navajo Indians who have no insurance!! This is such a wonderful event for me!! Anyhow, my sister made me this one and she titled it:
SISTER QUEEN..Crown of LOVE!! It is purple and embellished with crystals and lime green beading...I JUST LOVE IT!! My wish for all who venture here to acknowledge those you love by gifting them with your talents. If you cook, or write, or sew, or paint...If it comes from the heart is MEANS so much!! Even the sound of your voice can do it!!
Artfully Yours,

My hearts' dreams...

This is the daily page in my affirmation journal...I have been making lists, revising lists, cutting out pictures for my dream board, and generally taking slow small steps to start the year...that is what this affirmation page is about...and that is my wish for all who enter here today! That you take note of your dreams, that you write them down and capture them in some kind of way to honor them...That you give them an energy that you cannot deny....That you let them FLY!!
Artfully Yours,

Our Minds Eye!

All of us who write or paint see things in our minds eye...Often times when people ask me how I come up with ideas, my answer is, I just see them, or a piece of furniture might tell me what to do...This link will take you to a story that was on the Today show, that captures the love of art for expression, and truly tells the story of the minds eye without uttering to many words....It is truely inspiring!!
Artfully Yours,


Well...A new year is upon me!! A time for reflections and resolutions!
I accomplished a good deal that I am SO PROUD of during 2006!
My one woman show has been extremely successful, the mural at
Gilda's Club was beyond my wildest dreams, the artbra being picked
to be in the calendar and OCTOBER at that!!, traveling to SOUL COLLAGE
with my sister, traveling to California and meeting wonderful "cyber"
friends in person!! Helping my mentor Jill! Connecting with Debs my
"sister" and "friend"! MY ART!!! MY JOURNALS!!!!! NOT SMOKING!
So now comes the time for resolutions!!
I will continue my quest of NOT SMOKING!! This is a difficult one but
I am now going on 4 months!! YIPPEE!! They say that the first year is
the hardest and I will certainly agree with that!! I will pay more
attention this year to my needs and the needs of others! And try NOT to
take things so personally!! (As a creative this is a difficult
challenge!) I also, want to create MORE this year!! (those who know me
are now laughing, saying...just how much more can you create?!?) I know
I have a lot more to create!! I want to travel this year....I want to go
to KEY WEST and visit with my friend Debs!! I want to go to San Francisco
and take the Soul Collage class with Seena Frost! I want to pass on to
others the JOY of creating!!
My wish today for all who enter here is HAPPINESS and JOY to be ever present in your life and that your dreams are all within your reach! I WISH YOU A HAPPY 2007!
Artfully Yours,