Computer Problems..

Well, it is a new computer that was running fast and now.....SLOW!! I am trying to
push this, look at that, unload, upload!! There is just a sort of love/hate affair that I have with this machine!! I am learning more about the wonderful things that it can allow me to do, along with the tempermental side of her!! You know, you can't even bribe her with candy or a movie to get her out of her nasty little moods!! So I have my personal GEEK SQUAD going to take a look at her....(my son and his friend...they work cheap...a couple of beers and I am as good as gold!..NOT to worry they are well over the age of 21!)
Anyhow, this machine has totally tied up my day for 3 days now....and you know what I am starting to get a little annoyed with the whole thing!! Today, after I post this, I am NOT going to try to get outlook express to work...NO! I am NOT going to worry about who has been sending me wonderful E mail!....NO! I am going to leave this desk and go over to paint.....WELL, MAYBE I WILL TRY TO FIX ONE MORE THING!! A totally addicted computer geek wantabee!!
Wishing all who enter here today FAST and BUGLESS computers!!
Artfully Yours,

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