Well...A new year is upon me!! A time for reflections and resolutions!
I accomplished a good deal that I am SO PROUD of during 2006!
My one woman show has been extremely successful, the mural at
Gilda's Club was beyond my wildest dreams, the artbra being picked
to be in the calendar and OCTOBER at that!!, traveling to SOUL COLLAGE
with my sister, traveling to California and meeting wonderful "cyber"
friends in person!! Helping my mentor Jill! Connecting with Debs my
"sister" and "friend"! MY ART!!! MY JOURNALS!!!!! NOT SMOKING!
So now comes the time for resolutions!!
I will continue my quest of NOT SMOKING!! This is a difficult one but
I am now going on 4 months!! YIPPEE!! They say that the first year is
the hardest and I will certainly agree with that!! I will pay more
attention this year to my needs and the needs of others! And try NOT to
take things so personally!! (As a creative this is a difficult
challenge!) I also, want to create MORE this year!! (those who know me
are now laughing, saying...just how much more can you create?!?) I know
I have a lot more to create!! I want to travel this year....I want to go
to KEY WEST and visit with my friend Debs!! I want to go to San Francisco
and take the Soul Collage class with Seena Frost! I want to pass on to
others the JOY of creating!!
My wish today for all who enter here is HAPPINESS and JOY to be ever present in your life and that your dreams are all within your reach! I WISH YOU A HAPPY 2007!
Artfully Yours,

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Cheryl, The Beading Muse ~ said...

Beautiful! Congrats on all you've accomplished, especially living in creative bliss. And you...create more? I can't wait to see what you do next.

Cheers to an amazing 2007!