Today I took a few hours and went to a fellow artists house! I packed up some art supplies for the cover of a book I am working on and went and played at her house.It gave me a different view of working, and different supplies to work with! I had the run of her paper and embellishments while she painted! It was a very happy time, we listened to music, talked and laughed and gve each other the pat on the back that we as artists usually only give ourself! We have decided that this will be a monthly thing that we will do, taking turns at each others house to raid each others piles of supplies! (remember one man's trash is another man's treasure!) I am posting the beginning of the cover! My friend showed me how to paper weave while I was there so the cover took on a whole new look!There is hand made paper and a felt heart that I made, and paper that I sewed...Not sure yet what else is going to happen to this cover, but it is a BEGINNING! This is the cover to my first book of affirmations...there are 49 pages to this book...I would like to publish it, so I am looking into different venues for that...Wishing all who venture here today a wonderfully creative and HAPPY day!
Artfully Yours,

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Brenda said...

I LOVE the cover of your book----Can't wait for it to be published--Hugs to you!!!