MY OWN ART BRA!! (Sister Queen)

I wanted to share the Art Bra that my sister made for ME for Christmas!! I am thrilled to have this hanging on my studio wall where I can see it every day!! As most people know I have done an Art Bra for for the past two years...The first year with my friend Kathy and this past year with my sister, Nancy. This year another friend was involved with helping me write the story for the bra (Royce Addington, unfortunetly they did not give her credit on the calendar, but SHE KNOWS THAT I APPRECIATED ALL HER HELP!!)...Long story short, The bra now graces the pages of their beautiful calendar as the month of October. This is such an honor on many counts, but because October is breast cancer awareness month we are truly honored...our bra is titled THE POWER OF PINK and you can view it in a much earlier post!! They auction off the bras and ALL the money from the auction and the sales of the calendars will be going to the Navajo Indians who have no insurance!! This is such a wonderful event for me!! Anyhow, my sister made me this one and she titled it:
SISTER QUEEN..Crown of LOVE!! It is purple and embellished with crystals and lime green beading...I JUST LOVE IT!! My wish for all who venture here to acknowledge those you love by gifting them with your talents. If you cook, or write, or sew, or paint...If it comes from the heart is MEANS so much!! Even the sound of your voice can do it!!
Artfully Yours,

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Cheryl, The Beading Muse ~ said...

This is so wonderful...and I LOVE the crown points --makes me think of "Queen for a Day"...remember that show?