Here I am on a beautiful day ... INSIDE...Posting on the blog!! It has come to my attention today that I spend a lot of time alone! Now, I am aware that as a creative this is a somewhat solitude life that I have chosen to lead...but this machine also, has some magical hold on me!! I am checking E mails...posting blogs...reading blogs...searching sites...keeping up! So today...I GIVE MYSELF PERMISSION to have fun!! YUP! Going out of the house...away from the paint...away from the machine...and I am going OUTSIDE! So that is my wish for all today who enter here....GET OUTSIDE OF YOUR SPACE and HUG A TREE...Smell freshly mowed grass...listen to a bird singing a sweet song....And dream of all the things that you have going for you....BE AWARE of your surroundings and ENJOY! I for one am off and running!! See you later...gator!! TEE-HEE!
Artfully Yours,

Soul Collage

Have you heard about Soul Collage??? Have you ever wanted to try it??? I can tell you from first hand experience that IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE! My good friend Cheryl is a wonderful soul who has been doing and learning from the Soul Collage for years. NOW she teaches it...If you live in the Chicago area, here is a wonderful opportunity for you to learn from a woman who will guide you with loving hands to the core of yourself. Take a peak at her website....and here below is a little bit about Cheryl herself!
Cheryl Finley:
I am a SoulCollage® facilitator that has had the honor of training with the originator of the SoulCollage® process, Seena Frost, M. Div., M.A. I love the creative and enlightening practice and process of SoulCollage®. My soul sings when I share this amazing, intuitive process which paves the way for creativity, inner-discovery, self-acceptance and personal growth. I look forward to introducing the wonder-filled experience of SoulCollage® to others! I invite you to view my workshop schedule, as well as my Cards at the "AcapellaSoul" links on this page; depending on what page you're reading this from, my cards might be seen on this page as well. For questions, or to subscribe to the AcapellaSoul Newsletter, which will be published later this year, please e-mail me --


The less baggage we carry, the quicker we will be successful.
Carrying baggage, one must walk and rest, walk and rest...
Traveling light means being able to run if we want to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My friend Brenda sent me this quote today....
I think it is just wonderful! I for one am willing to run with a clean pair of underwear and a toothbrush!! Can't get much lighter than that!!
Artfully Yours,


A week has gone by so rapidly that I barely know it is Monday and all of a sudden it is Friday!
So many things have been going on this week...With all that is happening in the world one has to stop and pause, to reflect on what it is that we can do to heal and mend the broken spirits around us. Even sometimes our own. It is with our creativity that we can touch someone, stir an emotion, or they can feel ours. Life is a series of lessons ... some we learn, some we have to repeat many times till we learn them. I have been very aware of some of my lessons this week. Trust, and responsibility, loving, and believing not only in myself but in others. Sometimes it just doesn't seem fair or right, but somewhere in that mix is a lesson. I for one have learned this week to reach out...reach out and touch someone you love, touch someone who is in need of some TLC. Believe that it will make a difference that you do this, not only for the person but also for yourself. In learning lessons we grow...just like tending to a new plant in order for it to produce beautiful flowers you must water and love it. So it is with all of us. We are all in need of can ask for it, you can give it and you can receive it as long as you are open to do so. So with that being said, my wish is that each and everyone who visits here knows that I hope that my creativity, my words, and my wishes touch them in a way that makes their lessons easy to see. I appreciate you and send warm and loving wishes to all...
Artfully Yours,

Happy Anniversary!!

Today I am celebrating my 22nd wedding anniversary! So here is a picture of the happy couple!!
Love is the most amazing thing isn't it?! It is so complex and yet so simple...Over the years of being married to my good husband Michael, we have gone thru many things! He is an extraordinary man who took on one extremely independent woman and 2 young children some 24 years ago!! (Got to love a guy just for thinking about it!) We have dealt with each of us having cancer, teenagers, TROUBLE, collage, empty nest, depression, money, no money, jobs, changing jobs, no jobs!! Well, I know that you get the picture: LIFE! But thru it all, the good, the bad and sometimes the ugly we have hung tight! We have allowed each other the space that sometimes married people need. He has honored my artistic path, been a huge supporter and has helped me to develop myself into the person I am today! So HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to my good husband and myself...TO the faith that we have in each other to be exactly who we are with out fear!! And to all who view today....Remember to always be makes life that much sweeter for those you love and who love you!!
Artfully Yours,


It seems as if I have not posted any art on here in awhile! So here is a piece that I did yesterday that is flying off to a very special someone ('s a random act of kindness!) I really like altering things, but I have a difficult time with using photos and pictures from magazines. Now, mind you I LOVE the way that other people do these and it always looks so wonderful to me, but for whatever reason when I do them, they just don't feel like me! So...I have started doing more of them by painting my own small pictures and then placing them on the canvas with other embellishments...So I am altering with my own paintings and this feels JUST FINE! In the past when I have done altered book swaps I did use magazine faces with my paintings but about 90% of the page was painted and embellished in some sort of way. So here is the first in the series of butterflies ...each with have one word on the canvas...Each with be embellished with one special element and then will be ready to hang as the sides are painted too! These are 5 by 7 but I may do some 8 by 10 pieces too...I have yet to try to do any waxing techniques but I have the pellets just haven't tried them yet....So with this post I am NOW back in the paint...On my list I have 4 more deadlines to complete..All have to go out in the mail in I better have at it and start the completion stages!! Wishing all a deliciously creative day!
Artfully Yours,

Happy Keester!

This picture came across my machine several times this week, and every time it did I just had a good giggle! Happy Easter to all and Happy Passover also...Remember to honor your child like spirit today and always!!
Artfully Yours,


April 3rd, 2007

What can you do to help pets in need

Living a Good Life!

A Place to Bark

By Pattie Mosca

"At the close of life the question will be not how

much have you got, but how much have you given; not
how much have you won, but how much have you done;
not how much have you saved, but how much have you
sacrificed; how much have you loved and served, not
how much were you honored."

- Nathan C. Schaeffer

I found this quote today, and just had to share it with all of you. Because this is an article that lives this quote to the fullest extent!

"LIVING A GOOD LIFE" is a painting I did in honor of a dog named Blue that my son rescued from an abusive home. We all so love our pets, but there are people who do not treat them as the beautiful spirits that they are. So what could an artist from upstate New York do about this? And what can you do?

One day while surfing the net (you know those times when you click and click and click!). I was directed to a wonderful site called A Place To Bark. It was here that I was introduced to an artist named Bernie Berlin!

Well, it tugged on my heart so much because of the amazing work this woman is doing to rescue animals. She works non-stop in her effort to save animals, along with her husband and friends. The number of animals she has taken in grows and grows. She moved to Tennessee in December of 2005 and has taken care of, housed, transported, and found homes for over 300 animals. The sad thing is that since moving, she has seen too many animals being needlessly put down.

Bernie and her husband live on 20 acres and have dreams of building a shelter to help foster the animals and keep her passion of saving them alive. So she put out the call for Artists to share their gifts of art to help save the lives of these beloved creatures. She offers the donated art on eBay auctions to help underwrite some of the out-of-pocket expenses she incurs doing this work.

So I HAD to donate! I had to help spread the word to others! Sometimes we think that one person cannot do anything to change how the world is. But Bernie is proving this wrong! She is an amazing spirit with a heart that is pure love for these animals.

So what can you do?? Run your fingers over this link and go to the auction! Get a great piece of art, and support a woman's efforts to make the world a better place!

If you want to do MORE!! Well, Bernie and her animals can always use things that we have or can send: Old towels, blankets, baby blankets, toys, collars, leashes, food, microscope slides, muzzles, and cat litter, for instance. Every little bit helps!

Learn more about Bernie and the work that she is doing by going to: . I dare your heart strings not to be pulled! As for me . . . I am off to create something to honor Bernie and her work. I am feeling good today that I was able to help in my small artistic way a cause that is bigger than me. But before I do that, I am going to kiss the top of all my kitties, whisper in their ears how much I adore and love them, and thank them for being such a big part of my life!

Artfully Yours, Pattie

Pattie Mosca is a true believer in the power of creativity for happiness and bliss! As a surface designer, she does original and custom pieces that are collected by clients worldwide. Pattie paints furniture and other objects, as well as mixed media and art journals. She has the honor of doing her creativity daily! She lives in Rochester, New York, with her good husband, Mr. Mike, and their three cats. She is also a certified Muse group facilitator and is studying to be a Kaizen-Muse coach. You can contact her at: or see her blog at: .