A week has gone by so rapidly that I barely know it is Monday and all of a sudden it is Friday!
So many things have been going on this week...With all that is happening in the world one has to stop and pause, to reflect on what it is that we can do to heal and mend the broken spirits around us. Even sometimes our own. It is with our creativity that we can touch someone, stir an emotion, or they can feel ours. Life is a series of lessons ... some we learn, some we have to repeat many times till we learn them. I have been very aware of some of my lessons this week. Trust, and responsibility, loving, and believing not only in myself but in others. Sometimes it just doesn't seem fair or right, but somewhere in that mix is a lesson. I for one have learned this week to reach out...reach out and touch someone you love, touch someone who is in need of some TLC. Believe that it will make a difference that you do this, not only for the person but also for yourself. In learning lessons we grow...just like tending to a new plant in order for it to produce beautiful flowers you must water and love it. So it is with all of us. We are all in need of can ask for it, you can give it and you can receive it as long as you are open to do so. So with that being said, my wish is that each and everyone who visits here knows that I hope that my creativity, my words, and my wishes touch them in a way that makes their lessons easy to see. I appreciate you and send warm and loving wishes to all...
Artfully Yours,

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