It seems as if I have not posted any art on here in awhile! So here is a piece that I did yesterday that is flying off to a very special someone ('s a random act of kindness!) I really like altering things, but I have a difficult time with using photos and pictures from magazines. Now, mind you I LOVE the way that other people do these and it always looks so wonderful to me, but for whatever reason when I do them, they just don't feel like me! So...I have started doing more of them by painting my own small pictures and then placing them on the canvas with other embellishments...So I am altering with my own paintings and this feels JUST FINE! In the past when I have done altered book swaps I did use magazine faces with my paintings but about 90% of the page was painted and embellished in some sort of way. So here is the first in the series of butterflies ...each with have one word on the canvas...Each with be embellished with one special element and then will be ready to hang as the sides are painted too! These are 5 by 7 but I may do some 8 by 10 pieces too...I have yet to try to do any waxing techniques but I have the pellets just haven't tried them yet....So with this post I am NOW back in the paint...On my list I have 4 more deadlines to complete..All have to go out in the mail in I better have at it and start the completion stages!! Wishing all a deliciously creative day!
Artfully Yours,

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Ruby W. Hare said...

Working under multiple deadlines MUST REALLY AGREE WITH YOU! Your art sparkles with happiness and gives joy!!