Happy Anniversary!!

Today I am celebrating my 22nd wedding anniversary! So here is a picture of the happy couple!!
Love is the most amazing thing isn't it?! It is so complex and yet so simple...Over the years of being married to my good husband Michael, we have gone thru many things! He is an extraordinary man who took on one extremely independent woman and 2 young children some 24 years ago!! (Got to love a guy just for thinking about it!) We have dealt with each of us having cancer, teenagers, TROUBLE, collage, empty nest, depression, money, no money, jobs, changing jobs, no jobs!! Well, I know that you get the picture: LIFE! But thru it all, the good, the bad and sometimes the ugly we have hung tight! We have allowed each other the space that sometimes married people need. He has honored my artistic path, been a huge supporter and has helped me to develop myself into the person I am today! So HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to my good husband and myself...TO LOVE...to the faith that we have in each other to be exactly who we are with out fear!! And to all who view today....Remember to always be yourself...it makes life that much sweeter for those you love and who love you!!
Artfully Yours,


Royce Addington said...

A beautiful tribute to the both of you! Love the photo! We raise our glasses in a toast...

Michelangelo may have been talking about marriage when he said,

"I saw the angel in the marble (marriage) and carved until I set him (her) free."

Hélène Deroubaix said...

beautiful words beautiful inspiration beautiful pictures and so Happy to meet/see you:)
you should/could join flickr.com sometimes to share your artworks? that would be awesome because flickr is one of the best place to find art community and like minded creative sisters and I have just recently created a group called artist face:


I love that you keep the positive of life and of the couple life here:)
I've been with seb only for 6 years and we've already been through a lot of these things like depression no money and so many troubles but I love the challenges of life,it makes you know what you really want and feel more responsible for your own happiness!

now let's be more serious ;)about our trade dear Pattie!
why not a art squared 4x4,no theme,as you like,I always love your inspirationnal thinking so just surprise me^_^
as for me I want to make something you like so please give me some advice,guide me? a color?a word that is special to you or a quote?
I'll try to work on this ,this weekend amongst my busyNess ;o) ahah
so I'll need your address
email it to me please
and have a wonderful day!

Happy belated anniversary:)I'm glad you're happy in love!

Pattie Mosca said...

Thank you both ....