Starting Tomorrow...

This is one of the nine potions (and a spot remover). This one will save your life. Film at 11.

I am starting my journal tomorrow...January 1, 2009 with the help of the Awe-Manac by Jill Badonsky....I am so excited to start this new Art journal!!
Happy New Year...
Artfully Yours,

Getting ready to Laugh!

The Awe-manac has a crop for every month that will open your imagination to possibilities or at the very least, a short but forceful laugh through your nose.

I'm ready to laugh!! Are you?
Artfully Yours,

Are you getting ready????

Illustrations in The Awe-manac subliminally help you release thought processes that keep you stuck creatively and life fully. Beware: Reading The Awe-manac may create the change you were hoping for.
Artfully Yours,

Counting Down...4 DAYS TILL START DAY!

You know how you can read a quote and feel somehow fortified? Well, that's what Soul Vitamins are, they are quotes that change the way we look at the world and ourselves. You are encouraged to copy the ones that fortify you the most in the Medicine Cabinet in the back so you can take a dose of mind-changing, life enhancing inspiration at a glance when you need it.

This is from the Awe-Manac book by Jill Badonsky....
I'M READY TO BEGIN....with a dose of soul vitamins!! ARE YOU?
Artfully Yours,

PS: you can order it here...AMAZON

Do You Have It Yet?

Jill Badonsky's new book is out....DO YOU HAVE IT YET???? A friend sent me a copy for a Christmas gift....It's not to late....grab it and start with me on January 1st as I get my daily dose of wonder!!
You can get it at Amazon
(just click the link!!) Give yourself a gift of JOY this Christmas....and stay tuned in the new year Jill is going to be right here and interviewed by little old me!!
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Press the LINK!!! and turn on the SOUND!

(remember to turn on your sound!!)

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coffee talk...

I was visiting a friend of mine on line and she was talking about a COLOR personality test that she had taken...So I quickly went to YAHOO and found one to take....
This was my result:

YOUR RESULT: Blue Violet

Blue colors your world with emotion. You seldom jump right in, preferring to stand back and watch people and situations closely. Blue people are calm, but can also spiral into sadness. With so much emotion, tears of happiness, sadness, anger, or frustration are quite common.

Sounds RIGHT to me!! LOL...
Press the YAHOO link to take the test...Press the friend link to visit Terri!
Artfully Yours,

A story of the season...

ST. LOUIS – At a suburban Goodwill store on Friday, Theresa Settles selected a large, black comforter to warm her family until she can raise the money to turn the gas heat back on. A petite woman approached, her face obscured by dark sunglasses and a wrapped winter scarf, and handed Settles two $100 bills stamped with the words "secret Santa." "The only condition," she said, "is that you do something nice for someone. Pass it on."

"I will," Settles said, the only words she could get out of her mouth.

The secret Santa was a protege of Kansas City's undercover gift giver, Larry Stewart, who died of cancer nearly two years ago. Stewart roamed city streets each December doling out $100 bills to anyone who looked like they might need a lift.

Before his death in January 2007, Stewart told a friend how much he would miss his 26 years of anonymous streetside giving, during which he gave away about $1.3 million. Stewart, from the city suburb of Lee's Summit, made millions in cable television and long-distance telephone service.

The friend promised Stewart he would be a secret Santa the next year. "He squeezed my hand and that was it," said the Kansas City Santa, who would say only that he was an area businessman and investor. "I honored a promise."

Two secret Santas, one from the Kansas City area and the other from the St. Louis area, descended on thrift stores, a health clinic, convenience store and small auto repair shop to dole out $20,000 in $100 bills, hugs and words of encouragement to unsuspecting souls in need.

In this economy, they weren't hard to find.

Cynthia Brown, 40, was laid off three weeks ago from her food service job. Santa found her at the St. Louis County health clinic and gave her $100, exactly what she had asked to borrow from her mother a night ago to buy food.

"I have three daughters, and I can't get unemployment yet. I was down in food," she said.

Leotta Burbank, 50, of West Frankfurt, Ill., was at a thrift store Friday to buy decorations for her sister-in-law's room at a St. Louis hospice, where she is dying of pancreatic cancer.

When Santa gave her money, Burbank collapsed into his arms and wouldn't stop hugging him.

"God provides," she said. "This is real emotional for me."

For the secret Santas, it's not about keeping Stewart's memory alive as much as the meaning behind his legacy.

"It's not about the man, it's not about the money, it's about the message," the Kansas City Santa said. "Anyone can be a secret Santa with a kind word, gesture, a helping hand."

He said the money is given without judgment, but on the condition that the receiver pass along a kindness to someone else. Stewart began his holiday tradition at a restaurant in December 1979, after he had just been fired. He gave a waitress $20 and told her to keep the change and was struck by her gratitude.

Stewart also gave money to community causes in Kansas City and his hometown of Bruce, Miss.

The secret Santa's want to expand their operation to every state, but so far only nine givers operate in Charlotte, N.C., Phoenix, St. Louis and Kansas City. They plan to start giving in Detroit this holiday season.

I realize that we cannot ALL do this...but there is something that we ALL can do and that is smile a little more at those that we pass every day...Give a warm and sincere greeting of the holiday season...Donate a little time...give from your heart even if it is a scarf that you made to someone in need...Give a gift to the needy bin at the $1.00 store...Just one small light up someone else's heart...and in return will light up yours...
Artfully Yours,


My HOME BOYS and I want to make you DANCE!!

Artfully Yours,
Pattie (the dancing elf!!)

Coffee Thoughts...

The left overs are put away...if not already devoured, which is the case in our house...They just don't seem to stay around long...but soup will be made today!!! And now it is upon us....The Christmas season...I for one give in to some of the "commercial" aspects of it...I did go out and do the shopping frenzy on Black Friday (not so much for the "door busters" but for the feel of the holiday a gun being shot off at the beginning of a race!!) But, this year, now that I have that out of the way, I am going to wrap myself around the spirit of hope for the holidays...I have decided that my tree will be decorated in stars with messages of on them ...I will be making stars with messages as gifts to give for others also...This has been a very trying year for me in a great many ways...It has also been a year of learning and growing...of discovery and love...this year has been unlike others in that I have listened intently to my inner voice more...I have discovered strength that I did not have...and love that was locked away...I have found a way to continue forward even in the face of not knowing where I am headed at times or what is around the next corner...This season, of giving will be as homemade and as simple as I can make it...It will be filled with as much laughter and love as possible...and I will smile and sing as much as my heart will allow me to....This year I will be present...I will not be concerned with presents!! This year, I will rejoice in the life that I have...I will dream of the things that can be...and I will honor all that touch me...This year, I will be troubles...(and of course....a lot of coffee!!)
Artfully Yours,

Happy Thanksgiving...

Thanksgiving Glitter Graphics

From my house to yours....

Wishing all the most bountiful Thanksgiving season...May you and yours be surrounded by the love and wonder of life...
Artfully Yours,

Today, as I was driving there were hundreds of crows on the lawn in front of a building...they were in trees...on the lawn...flying about....what a sight to see...and this came into my head...

Blackbird singing in the dead of night
Take these broken wings and learn to fly
All your life
You were only waiting for this moment to arise.

Blackbird singing in the dead of night
Take these sunken eyes and learn to see
All your life
You were only waiting for this moment to be free.

Blackbird fly Blackbird fly
Into the light of the dark black night.

Blackbird fly Blackbird fly
Into the light of the dark black night.

Blackbird singing in the dead of night
Take these broken wings and learn to fly
All your life
You were only waiting for this moment to arise
You were only waiting for this moment to arise
You were only waiting for this moment to arise.

Artfully Yours,

Acts Of Kindness...

This list was gifted to me....Now, I pay it forward to YOU....Try one every day...I am starting with number 10 for the date...and going forward till the end of the month....Or make your own list....Acts of Kindness....they are beautiful things from the inside out...

"I expect to pass through life but once.
If therefore, there be any kindness I can show, or any good thing
I can do to any fellow being, let me do it now, and not defer or
neglect it, as I shall not pass this way again. " ~ William Penn

You Can Make Your Own Life Better by Doing One or Two of
These Simple Acts of Kindness Every Week:
1. Write a note of appreciation to your mail and newspaper carriers.
2. Compliment a stranger, with sincerity and a smile.
3. If you know someone in financial difficulty, anonymously mail them $5,
$10 or $20.
4. Look for anything that can be put away, fixed or picked up.
...(put shopping carts away, pick up some trash, fix something that's fallen
over ...etc.)
5. Give a lottery ticket to a stranger.
6. Volunteer your time at a charitable organization.
7. Write a note to management about an individual who has treated you nicely
while doing their job.
...(a waiter or waitress, grocery clerk, sales person, mechanic ...etc)
8. Buy something for a stranger from their Wishlist.
9. Cut an article out of the newspaper that would interest a friend and mail
it to them.
10. Leave 'Have a Nice Day' stickers for a receptionist or front desk.
11. Clean up gravestones at a local cemetery.
12. When you go out to dinner, order a dessert to go and give it to a
13. Send a card to someone in the military overseas.
14. Start a conversation with a co-worker that you don't know.
15. Tutor a child in your neighborhood.
16. Put change in the slots of a row of vending machines.
17. Visit a nursing home and spend time with a person who doesn't get
18. Put an item you no longer need on Craig's List Free Spot for your
19. Leave something for someone at an area where it might be most used.
....(a book in reading area, an umbrella near door on rainy day, a few
magazines at an airport ...etc.)
20. Pay for the toll charge of the car behind you.
21. Drop off a toy or game at a hospital or a homeless shelter.
22. Get some groceries for a financially-

struggling family.
23. Mow someone's lawn, rake their leaves or shovel their snow.
24. Get a picture you have taken of a friend and send it to them with a note
recalling when it was taken.
25. Offer to baby sit for free.
26. Offer to change the oil, filter or the like for a "non car" person....
27. Take flowers to a hospital ward and give them to someone who hasn't had
visitors lately.
28. Volunteer to read to children at the library.
29. When you fill up a click card for free coffee, free gift, or whatever,
give the card to a stranger.
30. Make a CD of your favorite songs and give it to a friend.

This the season to be full of grace and gratitude...
Artfully Yours,

Coffee Thoughts...

Daylight savings time!! HA! So I am really up at 5:30 instead of the usual 6:30...So I did a little painting and drank a pot of coffee before my usual hour...And now I will start my day! HA! Got to love daylight savings time that throws you completely out of whack for a couple days...I love how they say you get an extra hour of sleep!! Who are they that say that and do they live in my house?! I hope you did better than I did with your sleep!!
Artfully Yours,

Oh so HONORED...

These 2 magazines by Stampington and Company hit the newsstands by the end of the month! I am honored once again to be within the pages of both of these magazines....In Altered Couture I have a jacket that I painted, for my sister, and I have a 2 page HOW TO article on altering a pair of clogs by painting them. In Art Doll Quarterly I have a quick HOW TO on some canvas Santa's that I have been making as gifts for years...
I am always so honored to be among the talented artists that grace the pages of these publications....not to mention that fact that I love sharing my art and my HOW TO with all...
Artfully Yours,

Coffee Thoughts...

So once again...I am here with the last cup of coffee from the pot this morning....Should I make another pot?!?! No...I think I will continue to ride on the caffine buzz that is already here!!
I did this small 5 by 7 altered painting and gave it to my friend Jill as a house warming present...She loves coffee too!!
Today, I have decided to clean my studio!! This is pretty funny actually, because even when I clean does not appear to others to be clean...well...because I have to much stuff!! Stuff that I will probably never use (but can't part with) stuff that I don't even know I have (because it is shoved into every nook and cranny around here)...and stuff that I have started but never finished (perhaps I lost the moment) and stuff that I scribble on papers...notes...thoughts...(things that perhaps I might use..might not use...have no idea what I was talking about in the first place when I reread or look at the scribble!!) I certainly hope that there are other creatives' out there just like me...Collectors of thoughts...collectors of dreams...collectors of "stuff"....
Today, as I start to clean...first the I can not even see the top of it anymore I am singing! Now believe me when I tell you that no one is ever going to pay good money to hear me sing...but sing I do...I sing in the car...I sing in the tub...I sing when I am alone...and I sing when there are others around that ask me to "please stop singing"!! But it helps me...It helps me get helps me feel is an easy and fun thing to do!! So today, as I do this cleaning I sing....I sing old Beatles songs that bring me back to my youth...I sing songs that have meaning to me...I sing....And I realize that people have been doing this since the beginning of time...and even though I may be a very bad singer...I will continue doing it today...because when you have a song in your heart you certainly can have a whip cream and cherry kind of day!! (even if you are cleaning!!)
Artfully Yours,
PS: What song can you sing today or hum that will make you feel incredibly good???

Natures Beauty...

I was sent this beautiful bouquet of Star Lilies by someone I love and who loves me....Natures true beauties...There is something about them that I am drawn to...the color...the design of the petals...the intoxicating aroma they put forth. Nature's beauties...for me to enjoy the length they stay with me...filling my house with the aroma of love. Such a simple pleasure to see the beauty of nature...especially as it is fall and the beautiful leaves with their majestic colors fall to the ground and cover the earth with a blanket of green and and gold. The sky streaked with pink at night as it comes early....the morning frost appearing to announce the coming of winter...But inside my house...inside I smell spring...I see beauty... I believe in growth... I have hope..and I know and feel love.
Artfully Yours,

Coffee Thoughts...

It is late...and I probably shouldn't be drinking coffee so late....but AHHHHH the comfort it brings me when I am stressed...It is the warmth...the wrapping my hands around the cup...the aroma...the familiarity of it....
I have been under a lot of stress lately....but I am trying to remember small lessons I have learned over the years to UNDRESS that stress....So tonight....I am thinking of Laughter...I am finding moments that make me smile and giggle....I am finding thoughts that make me laugh out loud...and I am laughing at my messy studio as I type this....Laughter is good for us. It brings oxygen to our bodies and creates a space where there are no releases the tension we hold in our muscles...When you are laughing you can't feel stress because you are actually using your brain to focus on the physical act of laughing...and we all know that brain of ours can't do two things at once!! Heck, there are days, I can't even walk and chew gum at the same time!!!!
Laughing can be easy....just look in the mirror and make a silly know the kind I mean, stick your tongue out and place your thumbs in your ears and wiggle your fingers (when was the last time you did that?!?!?) probably to long ago....Laughter can heal you...(they have written books on the subject) And the best thing about laughter is that it is FREE...I have a friend, who teaches Laughter Yoga...If you have never had the opportunity to join in a class look it up on the net...if you don't live near Goddess, and find one in your area...TRY might like it...and I guarantee you will laugh....Find ways to laugh...ham it up...tell jokes...get a bottle of bubbles...and simply makes you feel better!!! To that I say...VERY GOOD...VERY GOOD...VERY GOOD INDEED!!! (laughing as I type!!)
Artfully Yours,

Coffee Thoughts...

I am on my second cup of coffee this rituals of the morning somewhat completed except for very important one...I will turn down the ringer on the phone (I usually turn it off, but cannot do that this morning)...and I will sink down into a tub of hot water!! I will let out a sigh of relief as I slide down the back of the tub and allow myself to melt into the comfort of the heat that surrounds me. I am always so aware of the old commericals that said...
"CALGON TAKE ME AWAY" (showing my age here...but it was for a bath water softener where a woman is stressed out and slips into her bath tub...(claw foot bath tub) with a huge smile on her face!!) This bath routine (I am one who does it both in the morning and at night) allows everything to go away...Sometimes I add candles...oils...a glass of wine (only at night) a cup of coffee (morning routine) music. This is MY TIME....this is where I strip off the world...this is where I can dream, but not think...this is where I can be emotional and cry to the fullest...or just enjoy the treat of solitude. This is a place where I can totally be ME....A bath for me is a totally spiritual thing...a warm connection...As I get ready to begin the rest of my day....I will pour a cup of fresh coffee (cup 3...yes....I drink a pot in the morning all by myself!!) I will draw my bath...and sink down in the tub and dream....It's a beautiful thing!!!
Artfully Yours,

PS: When was the last time you pampered yourself with a bath?

Coffee Thoughts...

This morning I am having thoughts about blogging and journaling. For years I kept journals... they started as a young girl... More of a "DEAR DIARY" an age when who you liked and if he looked at you was the MOST important things of life...then went on into my teens of frustrations with parents...friends...boyfriends...early 20's gave way to a sense of truth, but still covering up my hearts answers...then they stopped as I raised my children (giving away to baby books, especially for the first child!!) Journaling has once again become can take classes and workshops and read books about journaling...and I actually got back into it about 10 or so years ago. I had read the book SIMPLE ABUNDANCE by Sarah Ban Breathnach which was when I found a different sort of journal writing...A writing that was for feelings...A space and a place that was mine alone. Over the years my journaling has changed...I started adding art but the most important thing I found was I started listening to my my my ME. I found it a way of talking to myself...once I got past the whining part of life...I found it a way to bring peace to bring happiness to the front of my life...Once I figured out the has become a different sort of journaling...I still keep my private journal...I have my affirmation journal...I even have what I call the "blue funk" journal where I can whine to my hearts content on some days...but what this journaling has done is bring me to this place I am now...where no matter what is happening in my life I have a private place (or public place!!) where I can allow me to just be with full permission. So today, if you don't journal...if you think you can't might want to try it....You don't have to have a fancy don't have to do art...just write...write on anything...write about anything...write 1 line...write 20 it when you wake it before you go to it at the kitchen table after everyone is asleep ..don't worry if you spell things wrong...don't think about your writing...this is for you...this is a way of getting whatever is stuck in your head and your heart...out...try it with a cup of just might find you like it!!
Artfully Yours,

Coffee Thoughts...

Today as I wait to go to some important appointments I am feeling a need to put my attitude on gratitude!! This is not really a difficult thing to do if you set your mind to it....It requires willingness on your part, but it doesn't have to be to hard. Just find something to be grateful for...Just one thing... doesn't have to be huge...I am finding it doesn't matter what it is..could be just that you got out of bed...could be that your feet hit the floor...or the sun is shining...a good cup of coffee (one of my favorites!!) and as simple as breathing....And then look of one more thing to be grateful for...and one more after that...soon your list will grow...If you write them down in a journal...on a piece of paper...heck, on the back of an envelope you will find a peace starts to come over you....simple...things that we over look everyday...a child's sweet laughter...a song on the radio that brings back great cream....a rainy day (so that you can curl up on the sofa and watch a movie without guilt!) What I am aware of with this gratitude list is that no matter what I am going matter what seems to be troubling me...this gratitude list far out numbers every thing else....Start a chain for yourself....start with one thing you can be grateful for...breathe....add another...breathe again...add another....breathe...Soon you will start to feel a sense of peace...a sense of calm...a sense of strength...It is an amazing thing, because you soon find out that you can face head on whatever you feel is causing your stress....
I for one am going to have my next cup of coffee....and breathe deeply as I start my process of gratitude.
Artfully Yours,

Coffee Thoughts...

I know I usually list the 5 things I am grateful for on Sunday, but today, I am having coffee thoughts instead....Although I am grateful for more than 5 things today I am prompted to write about something else as I am drinking my 3rd cup of Joe!!
I have been taught that crying is a sign of weakness...that one must be strong for not only yourself but for others...So today, I ask you....when was the last time you had a good cry?? I don't mean the silent kind...I mean a good all out sobbing....the kind with the nose-running cry?
And why is it that we allow our self to believe that something terrible is going to happen if we let go and do this???
Now, some of us only cry at funerals...some of us cry at happy moments (weddings..births) ..some of us cry at commericals and movies...but it has come to my attention this morning that crying is a very cleansing thing! For one thing it removes pollutants from our body (yes, there have been studies done about this!!...and they have found that we let loose different chemicals for the different emotions that cause us to cry...but real tears contain a level of toxic substances that the body is eliminating through crying) It is a way to get rid of the "junk"...
I think most people don't show unpleasant emotions...we are somehow programmed to "put on a good face"...don't let anyone know that things might NOT be as rosy as they appear on the outside.
I for one happen to cry a little more when given that I can expose myself to a stranger...they really don't know me so they do not have the ability to judge me as being weak or strong...I also tend to cry if I have had a cocktail or two.... Letting down my defenses...(not always the best thing, but it does happen to the BEST of us)
Crying can be both isolating and liberating....but I am finding and reminding myself that it is a good thing to do...a healthy thing to do because you are being true to your is a normal thing to do and a natural thing to do....So I am refusing to feel shameful or weak or remorseful...
It is an important part to finding ways to bring us peace in our life...its a stress reducer and it actually...scientifically has been found to be good for you....
So, if you need one...go ahead...grab the kleenex and have yourself a good cleansing cry...before...after or even during your cup of coffee.
Artfully Yours,

Regain Peace

I have not drawn a card from any of my many decks of meditation cards in a very long time. This morning I was called to do that...I shuffle the a little 50 card pick up by spreading them on the floor...close my eyes...and allow my hand to skim the surface of the cards...usually I get a very warm feeling on the palm of my hand and that is the one I pick up...and today, was no exception....This card is a perfect card for me today. With many stressful things going on around me I have not truly been focusing on energy levels have been going to others...Today, I am reminded as I study this card to let peace flow through me. To repeat the words of times when we are in the middle of something that is stressful we try to find a way to control it...Control is something that we cannot do...we have no control over what is going on with others...we really have no control of so many things...Today, I am willing to give up my need to have control over what is going on around me....I set my mind in a different direction...I set my intention to look at the peace that I can feel in order to better serve myself and others....I set my life back into a motion that is familiar to me by listening with strength to my messages....Today, I am grateful that my message was to draw a card...A card that leads me back to my center....A card that allows me to envision a softness of life...A card that allows me to feel peace. Today...I breathe a deeper breath...I breathe life back into myself...
Artfully Yours,

PS: Can you find a way to regain some peace in your life today???

Believe in Yourself...

Believing in yourself is not just for you, it's for every person
who has touched your life in a significant way, and for every person
your life will touch the same way...five minutes from now, or five
centuries from now." ~ Jaye Miller

This quote came across my mailbox via my friend Cheryl....and hit a cord with me....Hope it does the same for you....Thanks to all who have touched my life...especially at this moment I am surrounded by love and gratitude...
Artfully Yours,


This is just a gentle reminder that the PINK ARTIST DRAWING is going on....the fabulous things about this drawing are:

1. The money is going to a cause that has touched each and everyone of us and will help to find a cure for our daughters...our grand-daughters...our sisters....WOMEN!
2. You don't have to donate a lot of money or be the highest bidder to win a prize!!
3. Fabulous first prize...and fabulous other prizes!!
4. You are giving something from your heart to someone else!

Please take a run over and visit Monica...and all of us who had a artistic hand in this!!
Artfully Yours,

5 Things I am grateful for today

As I sit here this morning and listen to the quiet I am reminded to write the 5 things I am grateful for today....Because today is a beautiful day!!

1. Being able to witness the beauty of nature...the wonderful plants and growth that is both beautiful and new to my eyes.

2. Not leaving to many words un-said....being able to comfortably say all that needs to be said.

3. Watching as a little one tells adults to "say your sorry" ..."you have to love each other" ...simple words that one should not loose sight of.

4. Having my son here not only for my birthday celebration, but to come and visit and laugh and remind me of having fun!!! (he lives out of town)

5. Getting back into the creative mode....(you know when that block happens...and the lull comes in and day...BAM!)

My wish is that you take a moment today and discover 5 things you are grateful for....and let me add a 6th...ALL WHO ENTER HERE TODAY!!!
Artfully yours,

Coffee Thoughts...

I receive a newsletter from Robert Glenn and this one was so good that I had to pass it along...

What a remarkable clearing house this twice-weekly letter is. After that last one about building a factory, this old factory computer was backed up with creative folks who positively get off on the factory life. Almost no one disagreed with me. This could be a bad thing. Truckloads of related items that came in as well. Louise Nel Phillips deposited John Cage's "Rules for Students and Teachers." Here they are:

1 Find a place you trust, and then try trusting it for awhile.
2 General duties of a student--pull everything out of your teacher; pull everything out of your fellow students.
3 General duties of a teacher--pull everything out of your students.
4 Consider everything an experiment.
5 Be self-disciplined--this means finding someone wise or smart and choosing to follow them. To be disciplined is to follow in a good way. To be self-disciplined is to follow in a better way.
6 Nothing is a mistake. There's no win and no fail, there's only make.
7 The only rule is work. If you work it will lead to something. It's the people who do all of the work all of the time who eventually catch on to things.
8 Don't try to create and analyze at the same time. They're different processes.
9 Be happy whenever you can manage it. Enjoy yourself. It's lighter than you think.
10 Break rules. Even your own rules. Leave plenty of room for X quantities.

John Cage (1912-1992) was a composer, print maker, performance artist, writer, philosopher, editor, teacher, mushroom expert, collaborator and poet. Fact is, John Cage had a lot of fun in his factory. Considered one of the most influential composers of the twentieth century, he produced works with one note, no notes, notes by chance, and a noted organ composition that takes 639 years to play.

Thinking about the life and "happenings" of John Cage, it's not difficult to see that joy, imagination and brilliance flow from factories. "Life," he said, "is a workshop."

To receive letters from Robert Glenn...go here and sign up!! Always inspirational!
Artfully Yours,


This is a beautiful necklace that my friend Brenda Bliss made for me for my birthday!! Now, to say that I am a lucky girl is somewhat of an understatement when it comes to my friends. I am blessed to have such good friends in my life...friends who have supported me over the years, who have counseled me..who have consoled me...who have cheered me on and cheered me up!! Brenda is one of those friends...I met Brenda some 4 years ago at a retreat...and we have been building our friendship since then...She is a fabulous artist (although she doesn't give herself enough credit for that!!! just like most of us!!) but most of all she has a heart that is HUGE...she gives of herself without thought...She is one of my tribe...Thank you Brenda!!! You know what the heart and wings mean to me!!
I am sure you have a friend out there like this...pick up the phone today and give a shout to them...let them know how much they touch your heart and your life.
Artfully Yours,
Pattie thought..

As I sit and drink my coffee this morning in the studio and see the things that I am working on...I realize that no matter what I am following my bliss...I am doing what makes my heart SING...
I allow myself the time to create (even if it means I sleep a little less!!) Because I have come to realize....I know no other way to live my life!!
And YOU....are you following your bliss??

Follow your bliss.
If you do follow your bliss, you put yourself on a kind of track that has been there all the while waiting for you, and the life you ought to be living is the one you are living. When you can see that, you begin to meet people who are in the field of your bliss, and they open the doors to you. I say, follow your bliss and dont be afraid... and doors will open where you didn't know they were going to be. If you follow your bliss, doors will open for you that wouldn't have opened for anyone else.

~ Joseph Campbell (1904-1987) ~

Simple Truths...

1. Playtime is a VERY IMPORTANT part of each and every day!
2. People make the best pillows!
3. Accidents and mistakes happen!!
4. Mind your manners!
5. Kiss a boo-boo! (it makes the hurt go away!)
6. Dreams CAN come true!
7. Screaming hurts your ears! (and other people's ears!)
8. A nap will make you feel better!!
9. No one should feel or be left out!!
10. Friends are SO important (even imaginary ones!)
11. Happiness can be any color!
12. Every drawing is a masterpiece.
13. Everything is better with whip cream and cherries on the top!!
(May you have one of those days!)
Artfully Yours,

Sweet Smell...

These beautiful roses came from my wonderful friend just a few minutes ago...They are so beautiful...My heart is full of good wishes and wonderful friendships on this the day of my birth.
I am truly blessed in so very many ways....Today, I reflect on those blessings as I see the beauty in the roses of life...
Artfully Yours,

Winning Streak....

I am on a winning streak!!!!!!!!! I just was notified that I won a print from Cindy at A Purple Daisy. She has a contest every month on her run over and comment on her site!! She is a very generous and whimsical artist...And it is my birthday month so, what more could a girl ask for!!! I had a hard time picking which print I wanted, but decided on this one titled A VISIONARY ARTIST!! I am going to hang it in my studio to remind myself to stay the course...and to continue to paint outside the lines!!
Artfully Yours,


There is something about that morning coffee...the first cup that gets me going!! I can be alone with it in the silence of the studio or I can be sharing it with someone...What it does is gets me moving...gets my thoughts flowing...makes me aware of what is going on around me as I sip slowly the hot liquid...So here I am this morning...With my:

(or questions for a journal while sipping coffee or having a cup with someone)

1. This morning I am aware that I have had 5 days of JOY! Of getting to know and discovering more about myself and others over many cups of coffee...
2. How can you hold onto the present moment without jumping so far into the future (the dreams...the hopes) that you miss what is right in front of you as the coffee brews?
3. How much of yourself do you...can you...should you..would you...really share of yourself? I mean, do you expose yourself to the bone making yourself vulnerable even to yourself?
4. Can you capture a moment from each day to make a memory? Can you etch that memory into yourself so that it becomes a part of you?

Seeing as this is the first time I have actually done this...These are my thoughts this morning without struggling to make myself come up with anything...Perhaps some Saturdays the thoughts will be many...perhaps thoughts at all!! certainly starts my morning off...
Artfully Yours,

PS: What thoughts do you have this morning??


You just have to love it when something wonderful comes your way just because you left a comment on a blog...that you would of left anyway....I am the very lucky winner of this cool purse by Susan at Wild Onion Studio...Plus the magazine!! Now how cool is that!!!
Got to love it...So remember dear lurkers...Leave comments...You never know what you might receive...not to mention that it will do your heart good!!
Artfully Yours,


“… It’s all about women…their work, play, families, creativity, style, health and wealth, bodies and souls. skirt! is an attitude…spirited, independent, outspoken, serious, playful and irreverent, sometimes controversial, always passionate.”

Have you been to this site??? Go ahead and click the link or the badge on the sidebar...there is just so much going on there...Not to mention that I am writing a blog for them on Monday...Wednesday...and Friday in their National Skirt.
Regardless of that...lots of fun articles...great writings...I think you might like it!!
Artfully Yours,

Let's Play...

I have a few personal things that I am attending to, so please be patient with me as I work through some of it. In order to sometimes pull myself purposely in a different direction...I have to play!! I have to run...jump...shout...but most of all laugh to spin myself in a different direction. SO....with that being said...I saw a really fun thing to do on google!!..It is sort of a little meme....but different!!
Once you are on google...type in your first name and then type in a word after it...(here is a list of words that I used: needs, looks like, does, goes, loves, eats, has, will...but feel free to use any words you want) HAVE FUN....Here are my answers...

Patricia needs: a full service hotel that includes room service...(now, this is so true!!! LOL)
Patricia looks like: a stalker in this picture..(I am guessing that I had a bad hair day and was peeking over the top of my glasses)
Patricia does: A spot of Irish dancing at her Aunt Betty's Birthday Party. (I really don't have an Aunt Betty, but I would enjoy the party!!...let's crash it!!)
Patricia goes: to the president and says "there's a frog named Kermit Jagger out here who wants a home loan"...(now I can only say....Yes, I watch a lot of Sesame Street with my grandson!! )
Patricia loves: to do anything that require being out of doors..(I would not go so far as to say ANYTHING!!)
Patricia eats: a lollipop (wish it could of been I am a bit hungry!!)
Patricia has: merged a variety of spiritual and creative arts (now, this just might be about me!!)
Patricia will: be driving herself...(and with that I will be leaving the building!!)

No matter how your day is doesn't take very much (at least for me) to smile at give your self a moment to laugh...and to find that life is just to short to dwell to long in the negative!! Have fun....go google your name and see what you can find that makes you laugh....Me...I think I will go and eat a lollipop!!
Artfully Yours,

Creature Comforts USA - Art

This is just laugh out loud funny!!

Yippee!! Got it loaded...sometimes I even amaze myself!!

What is Art...
For whatever reason YOU TUBE will not let me download the video...
But, do your self a favor and press the link to watch this...
It is laugh right out loud funny...especially for us artsy fartsy type!!
Artfully Yours,

5 Things I am grateful for today

5 Things I am grateful for today....

1. Forgiveness....the journey of being able to forgive myself and others.
2. Trust...Being able to trust that I am on a path of growth that comes from the very core of who I am meant to be.
3. Love...the knowledge that I am loved and I do love.
4. Truth...knowing that being truthful with myself and with others is the only way to build a strong and firm foundation.
5. Support...the knowledge that there are so many who support who I am...what I do...and allow me to continue down my path of dreams.

Artfully Yours,

PS: All of my gratitude today comes from my emotional side....I am very aware of my connection to connection to my own life. Though at times we often do not want to acknowledge our deepest, I am very much aware of, I am grateful!

Daycare 101...Except better!!

Every Friday, I have the GREAT pleasure to play ALL DAY with my 3.5 year old grandson!! This Friday because it was raining we had to stay was actually to cold to even put on our boots and splash in the puddles (yes..."moma's" are allowed to do that...this is what my little love calls me!! A name he made up for me...somewhere between mommy and grandma I think!!)
Anyhow, we set up a tent (small little IKEA pup tent) in the living room and had our breakfast and lunch in there...We told each other made up stories while lying in bed with the sheet covering our heads and a flashlight on!! And we painted!! Now he always picks the same colors every time he paints...He starts with red...adds blue ...then green...then orange...and finally yellow...he loves to use the brush but his hands work so much better once the paint is finally on!! The joy of watching him create is beyond words....And when completed he will say...MOMA...ARE YOU SO PROUD OF ME? Now, what is not to be proud of I ask you!!! This little mirror which measures 10 by 10 will hang in his new bedroom at eye level for him...because every little one loves to make faces in mirrors!! Here's to making faces...loving life...and living with great creative freedom!!
Artfully Yours,

A word pool!

Art mandala by: Patricia J. Mosca

A word pool is a group of randomly chosen words you begin with and add others to make prose or poetry or really whatever it wants to be. In the interest of poetic freedom: you don't have to use all of words and grammar, punctuation and even making sense is optional.

Be adventurous. Before you read the following poem, do your own word pool with these words: engulf, midnight, gesture, simmer, collect, morning, testify, electricity, actually, carry, argue, seven, handful, detective, size, hat, listen, scrawl, alley


The midnight witching hour arrives
Filled with electricity...
Allowing me to clothe myself in the darkness.
Donning my detective hat
I feel blanketed by the
mystery of the night...
The mystery of ME.

Approaching an alley of my mind...
I find seven signs that testify that
I have been here many times before.
I collect the gestures of ME
that remain from the
previous day.

I find that I
with my inner self...
Did I learn nothing?
Did I grow in size and form?
Did I listen to the scrawl that was written
on the walls of my heart?

Morning rapidly approaches....
I am actually
in the shimmer of it...
Knowing that this is a new dawn...
A new day to start
over again.

I gather my handful of messages...
I gather my gestures...
I gather my seven signs..
I gather my heart.

I take off my detective hat and I
Breathe deeply...
as I carry myself forward
into this slice of a new day...
of learning more
about ME.

Artfully Yours,

PS: this prompt is brought to you by the creative mind of Jill Badonsky...Do yourself a HUGE favor and run over to her website and sign up for her unbelievable newsletter!!

Count down...

According to Gallagher and Ventura, the most important words of personal responsibility are as follows:

The 10 most important words:
I won't wait for others to take the first step.

The 9 most important words:
If it is to be, it's up to me.

The 8 most important words:
If not me, who? If not now, when?

The 7 most important words:
Let me take a shot at it.

The 6 most important words:
I will not pass the buck.

The 5 most important words:
You can count on me.

The 4 most important words:
It IS my job!

The 3 most important words:
Just do it!

The 2 most important words:
I will.

The most important word:
Frank Tyger said it best...


This wonderful little post came from one enlightened goddess!!
Artfully Yours,

5 Things I am grateful for today

5 things I am grateful for today...

1. The beauty of an English Thistle...and the wonderment and joy of walking in a garden.
2. Touching and being touched by love.
3. The comfort of a sacred circle.
4. The discovery of a new voice that I need to hear.
5. The value of the smallest of things that touch my soul.

My wish for all who venture here today, is that you can hold your gratitude close to you today, and it makes your heart smile.
Artfully Yours,

Let's Get This Party Started!!

This party has officially started....Run your little fingers over to view the LOVE SQUARED doll that is up for grabs with a donation...along with many donated items that you are in line to be able to be in a drawing for with your donation also...Visit MONICA's site...Not only will it do your heart good to donate...but you are about to see some pretty amazing art..from the hearts of some pretty amazing and giving artists....
Artfully Yours,

5 Things I am grateful for today

5 things I am grateful for today....

1. SUMMER: the heat...the humidity...the feeling of warmth...the feeling of love. (living in upstate NY I am very aware of the way the sun plays such a positive role in my life.)

2. RAIN: the softness of the sound of a summer rain....the way the earth seems to drink up the nourishment of nature...and the way it washes over me with gentleness as I stand in it.

3. TIME: the luxury I have of being able to do things on "my own time"!

4. GROWTH: feeling the growth of self and seeing the changes.

5. LAUGHTER: the pure joy of laughing heartily and the wonderful feelings it presents to me.
(I realize that I am grateful for this a lot...but what a difference laughter makes in our lives)

Keeping with the practice of making this gratitude list every week, allows me a moment just to reflect on the things that have taken place. Time goes by so moves from Monday thru into Sunday sometimes in a blink....Take a moment today and reflect on that which you are grateful for...It will bring back a remembrance from the week that will delight you I am sure.
Artfully Yours,

PS: The above mandala can be viewed at: FROM THE INSIDE OUT.


We invite You to join the party!

On behalf of the182 pink artists everywhere, we'd like to personally invite you to join the festivities, a joyous blog party happening August 1- October 15, 2008 on our blogs and in our homes. Mark those calendars to attend an event orchestrated by The Pink Artists to raise awareness & donations for breast cancer research.

I have just donated the above piece of art for one of the prizes you can receive during this party and for donating. This is such a wonderful and heartfelt project that Monica has created. She has poured herself heart and soul into this and gotten so many artist involved. Click on the above links or use the badge on the side bar to get to the site that tells you all about this project. Make sure that you see the BEAUTIFUL ART DOLL that was created by Monica and art friends (I am part of that project too!) It will do your heart good to give to this project and the donation allows you to be in on drawings for the art doll and some wonderful goodies donated by some wonderful artist. When you donate you are helping us find a cure...maybe not for ourselves, or woman our age...but perhaps for our daughters...our granddaughters...and let us not forget the men that are also affected by this disease. I will repost this again closer to the date...Donate today!!
Artfully Yours,


I have the honor of writing for an online newspaper on Tuesdays and Thursdays...I send my work out months in advance, so all of the affirmations are older posts. This affirmation was the one that appeared today...and GOSH...I just love it when something comes across my desk and screen that just makes me sit back and say....OH YES!! this was one such affirmation! My wish is that you too get to spin in your RIGHT direction today!! Isn't life grand!!!
Artfully Yours,

Page 148!

I just received my artist comp copy of the Autumn issue of Altered Couture.
Once again I am honored to have been chosen to be within the pages of this publication.
The above photo is a slip I created to answer the challenge that they put forth
to alter lingerie...well, I must say there are some very creative souls out there, you
just can't imagine what can be done with a slip...with a bra...with a baby doll nightie!
Want to be inspired to alter some clothing...Go on line and order directly from
Stampington...or get yourself to your bookstore in a few weeks when it hits the stands.
you will not be disappointed!!
Artfully Yours,

Sunday Morning Grateful List....

Good Sunday to all who arrive here today...It is early here in upstate NY and even the birds are not yet singing....I will take this moment of silence to list the 5 things I am grateful for this fine day!

1. A cool gentle breeze on a very humid evening, allowing me to sit and watch the stars appear.
2. The knowledge that my words and art strike a cord in others enough for them to pass on wonderful words and awards.
3. Having a dream so close that I can almost touch it...
4. Being open enough to let myself learn new things.
5. Sharing who I am and what I do with myself and with others with a cup full of permission.

Artfully Yours,

PS: what wonderful things are you grateful for today?


Fill your shaker up with self love!! Then kick back and relax with a beautiful and tasty recipe of your own making.

Rim yourself with self sweetness.

Add a shot of dry humor.

An ounce of Audacity.

A splash of AH-HA moments.

Top with a twist of bittersweet truth.

Shake and serve straight up!

The challenge was to come up with a Martini, I know you can't really drink this...But on a good day I certainly can use one of these!! Care to join me?

Artfully Yours,

Feeling the LOVE!!

Today I received this award from Karen at Beelieve
I am certainly feeling the LOVE these past several weeks receiving these awards!! Makes a girl feel just ever so special!!

The rules of accepting are as follows

1) Put the logo on your blog.
2) Add a link to the person who awarded you.
3) Nominate at least 7 other blogs. (7 is also my lucky number)
4) Add links to those blogs on yours.
5) Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs.

So without futher ado here are my 7 nominated blogs:
1. Shelia
2. Chantal
3. Laura
4. Laura Ballie
5. Charlie
6. Karen
7. Krissie
8. Royce

Enjoy surfing these new to you sites...leave a comment...say hello and congratulations!!
Artfully Yours,

PS: Although I do believe that Karen meant for this to go on FROM THE INSIDE OUT...
I really only post my affirmation journal pages there...So I am displaying my award here...
I just received this Award from Vanessa also, but kindly asked her to pass it along...but what a heartfelt honor to receive it twice in one week...I am truly beyond words. And as I glow with great gratitude Laurel awarded it also...and I also asked her to pass it on to another deserving blog...SHARE THE JOY!

5 Things I am grateful for today...

5 things I am grateful for today...

1. know the waking ones...the sleeping ones...the ones that are being realized!
2. Inspiration...that comes out of nowhere!
3. AH-HA moments...when you are just sitting there and the answer just appears!
4. Smiling...the deep down to your toes and back kind of smiles...the kind that fill your soul!
5. Joyous Moments...the moments where you just stop and say AH-HA..and smile one of those deep smiles...that inspire all your dreams! YES...those joyous moments!
Artfully Yours,

**The mandala above was from early this year...but it seems to resonate with me this fine day.
Please join me over at From the Inside Out as we explore the messages from within!

Girls in the Sun with Flowers in their hair!!

For the celebration yesterday there were the 3 generations of girls...Left to Right...
My beautiful daughter, Lea....My adorable mother, Jeanne...and me...all with flowers in our hair from the garden...All enjoying the sun and the company of each other...A wonderful day was had by all!! Next time I will have to get the 3 generation of boys!!
My wish for all is that your day was filled with sunshine...good company...and flowers!
Artfully Yours,