Let's Play...

I have a few personal things that I am attending to, so please be patient with me as I work through some of it. In order to sometimes pull myself purposely in a different direction...I have to play!! I have to run...jump...shout...but most of all laugh to spin myself in a different direction. SO....with that being said...I saw a really fun thing to do on google!!..It is sort of a little meme....but different!!
Once you are on google...type in your first name and then type in a word after it...(here is a list of words that I used: needs, looks like, does, goes, loves, eats, has, will...but feel free to use any words you want) HAVE FUN....Here are my answers...

Patricia needs: a full service hotel that includes room service...(now, this is so true!!! LOL)
Patricia looks like: a stalker in this picture..(I am guessing that I had a bad hair day and was peeking over the top of my glasses)
Patricia does: A spot of Irish dancing at her Aunt Betty's Birthday Party. (I really don't have an Aunt Betty, but I would enjoy the party!!...let's crash it!!)
Patricia goes: to the president and says "there's a frog named Kermit Jagger out here who wants a home loan"...(now I can only say....Yes, I watch a lot of Sesame Street with my grandson!! )
Patricia loves: to do anything that require being out of doors..(I would not go so far as to say ANYTHING!!)
Patricia eats: a lollipop (wish it could of been more...as I am a bit hungry!!)
Patricia has: merged a variety of spiritual and creative arts (now, this just might be about me!!)
Patricia will: be driving herself...(and with that I will be leaving the building!!)

No matter how your day is going...it doesn't take very much (at least for me) to smile at something...to give your self a moment to laugh...and to find that life is just to short to dwell to long in the negative!! Have fun....go google your name and see what you can find that makes you laugh....Me...I think I will go and eat a lollipop!!
Artfully Yours,

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