Daycare 101...Except better!!

Every Friday, I have the GREAT pleasure to play ALL DAY with my 3.5 year old grandson!! This Friday because it was raining we had to stay was actually to cold to even put on our boots and splash in the puddles (yes..."moma's" are allowed to do that...this is what my little love calls me!! A name he made up for me...somewhere between mommy and grandma I think!!)
Anyhow, we set up a tent (small little IKEA pup tent) in the living room and had our breakfast and lunch in there...We told each other made up stories while lying in bed with the sheet covering our heads and a flashlight on!! And we painted!! Now he always picks the same colors every time he paints...He starts with red...adds blue ...then green...then orange...and finally yellow...he loves to use the brush but his hands work so much better once the paint is finally on!! The joy of watching him create is beyond words....And when completed he will say...MOMA...ARE YOU SO PROUD OF ME? Now, what is not to be proud of I ask you!!! This little mirror which measures 10 by 10 will hang in his new bedroom at eye level for him...because every little one loves to make faces in mirrors!! Here's to making faces...loving life...and living with great creative freedom!!
Artfully Yours,


laurel said...

Sounds like you both had a wonderful time. What a great mirror he painted. Love the colors and textures. Definitely following in your footsteps.

yertle said...

So cute, I love it. It is inspiring me to do more art with my boys.