5 Things I am grateful for today

5 Things I am grateful for today....

1. Forgiveness....the journey of being able to forgive myself and others.
2. Trust...Being able to trust that I am on a path of growth that comes from the very core of who I am meant to be.
3. Love...the knowledge that I am loved and I do love.
4. Truth...knowing that being truthful with myself and with others is the only way to build a strong and firm foundation.
5. Support...the knowledge that there are so many who support who I am...what I do...and allow me to continue down my path of dreams.

Artfully Yours,

PS: All of my gratitude today comes from my emotional side....I am very aware of my connection to others...my connection to my own life. Though at times we often do not want to acknowledge our deepest emotions...today, I am very much aware of them...today, I am grateful!

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