A word pool!

Art mandala by: Patricia J. Mosca

A word pool is a group of randomly chosen words you begin with and add others to make prose or poetry or really whatever it wants to be. In the interest of poetic freedom: you don't have to use all of words and grammar, punctuation and even making sense is optional.

Be adventurous. Before you read the following poem, do your own word pool with these words: engulf, midnight, gesture, simmer, collect, morning, testify, electricity, actually, carry, argue, seven, handful, detective, size, hat, listen, scrawl, alley


The midnight witching hour arrives
Filled with electricity...
Allowing me to clothe myself in the darkness.
Donning my detective hat
I feel blanketed by the
mystery of the night...
The mystery of ME.

Approaching an alley of my mind...
I find seven signs that testify that
I have been here many times before.
I collect the gestures of ME
that remain from the
previous day.

I find that I
with my inner self...
Did I learn nothing?
Did I grow in size and form?
Did I listen to the scrawl that was written
on the walls of my heart?

Morning rapidly approaches....
I am actually
in the shimmer of it...
Knowing that this is a new dawn...
A new day to start
over again.

I gather my handful of messages...
I gather my gestures...
I gather my seven signs..
I gather my heart.

I take off my detective hat and I
Breathe deeply...
as I carry myself forward
into this slice of a new day...
of learning more
about ME.

Artfully Yours,

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laurel said...

Hi Pattie. I love the pattern in the mandala and how much it shows up with just the black and white. Love the poem too.

Royce Addington said...

ACTUALLY SEVEN minutes until tomorrow's MORNING
Pattie J's Mandala heART GESTURES,
"Come LISTEN!"
I COLLECT my thoughts
And CARRY an energetic ELECTRICITY
That crackles and sparks
As the inner judges jovially ARGUE
The SIZE of their respect for her
work is enormous!
As one plays DETECTIVE and the other agrees;
To combine Mandala and Poetic SCRAWL...pure Genius...pleez!!!
They walk arm in arm
Down a narrow ALLEY in Key West

"A Toast" they say,
'ENGULF all Beings in Creative Joy"

All agree on one happy Truth...
The SIZE of Pattie J's artisitc inspiration, only the Universe can contain!

It takes just a HANDFUL of Pattie's magic to delight...
The cosmic HAT, is tipped to her,
On this charming, mystical night!

yertle said...

What a great idea. I feel too tired to attempt it now, bit i will save the words to go back to.