This is my Abundance...

This is the page from my Creative Art Journal for today. I do one of these pages every day for myself and will share when I can on this site. Today I am so aware of the abundance in my life! The creativity that I enjoy and share, the love that surrounds me, the sun, the wonderment of nature. We sometimes get going so fast in our every day life that we forget to stop and be aware of our dreams, of all the fruit that is before us just waiting to be picked. So today, I honor that abundance...Today I make myself stop and look around...Today is a day where the garden gate is wide open and I am so thankful for all of it. I hope that each one of you who reads this will gaze just a little closer at your own abundance.
Artfully Yours,

Black-Eyed Susan's

After a wonderful rain, a welcome relief here in steamy upstate New York, the black-eyed Susan's are in full bloom. Mother Nature has once again given me the wonderment of
her creations. The simple beauty of these flowers fills me with warmth. Perhaps it is the
yellow coloring of them. They just seem to be so peaceful and happy! That is my wish for
all of you today...that you be happy,warm and peaceful! Rejoice in the simple pleasures that
surround you. Open your eyes up to all the possibilities that are before you. BELIEVE

FAILURE IS IMPOSSIBLE Bench for Charity Auction

This is a piece that I created for the SUSAN B. ANTHONY HOUSE.
I was one of 50 WOMEN artist asked to participate in a charity auction
in the celebration of women. This was a very big honor for me! The home
of Susan B. Anthony is right here in Rochester, New York! This decons bench
was designed to be a useful item. It did well at the auction and the really
COOL thing was that they split the money with the artist! I have never
done a charity event where that has happened before! I would of done it
anyhow, but WOW what a great bonus! This again is part of who I am! Part
of "paying it forward"! Giving back to my community a little bit of who I am.
I just can't recommend this enough to people. It gives you such a wonderful
feeling knowing that you can contribute with your art and your time! If you
don't know where to start with this, all you have to do is contact an agency that
you are interested in and they would be THRILLED to have your help. It
truly will make your day and theirs!
Artfully Yours,



This is a page from my journal that I wanted to share.
I have begun a daily affirmation to myself within the
pages of this journal. Here I allow my honor to ME
show itself...TOOTING MY TRUTH to myself. Often
times we do not give ourself credit for who we are and
what we do. I am no exception to that rule! So within
these pages I paint, I journal, I honor all that I am and
all that I do. Some days it is easier than others, but as I
look over the pages I am always inspired to continue on
the path of my dream. To keep flying higher....and then
to stretch my wings of creativity and reach another star.
That is my wish today for all who come and view! Reach,
honor, and affirm yourself and your dream!
Artfully Yours,

Two heads are better than one!

MOTHER NATURE! Just got to love her! A two headed
sunflower, and better yet I did not even plant it!! Must
of been a bird! This stalk has a total of 7 other buds
waiting to join this family!
So, the word family has been introduced. I am finding
more and more the wonderful "family" that surrounds
me. The "tribe","flock" of support that I have from
kindred souls. These souls that lift me up when my wings
do not feel their normal strength, who soar with me when
I am gliding on a great gust of wind and who gently craddle
me when I am wounded. To all of these members (and you
know who you are!) I sing a song of gratitude this morning.
I am blessed to have you in my life and I want to acknowledge
Artfully Yours,

Cherry Blossom Pouting Chair

This is a pouting chair that I have designed and
painted. It is suitable for children of all ages!! From
1 to 99! It is 40 1/2 inches tall by 12 inches wide and
11 1/2 inches deep. I titled this one "CHERRY BLOSSOMS"
As usual this is a one of a kind piece that has been sealed to
protect it for years of enjoyment.
Here is the poem that goes with it!

If the day is going bad...
And things aren't working out.
Sit yourself upon this chair...
And have a little pout!

If you are interested in purchasing this chair, leave a
comment with your e mail address and I will get back to you.

Forever creating and always updating...Come back again
and take a look as you never know what you are going
to find!
Artfully Yours,


I created this ART BRA with my sister, Nancy, this year
to help raise money for breast cancer awareness. You
can view all the wonderful creations made by women
from all over the world for this worthy charity auction
at: I got involved with this project last
year and my bra, SUNNY B'S was picked to be in the
calendar. It is an honor to be part of this group of talented
needle artists. The women who started this fund raiser,
Victoria Brown, is dedicated and hard working, along with
talent that is so extrodinary! If you do not offer yourself
up for any not for profit, I urge you to do so! Giving back
to your community is such a heart warming experience.
It will change you in so many ways. TRY IT...I THINK

One of "THOSE" days!!

You know "those" days, when everything starts out
in such a way that you doubt that it is going
to get any better! Even when you put the paint
brush in and make that first stroke, you think,
gosh, why did I just paint that color on there?!?
One of "those" days!! So I decided to walk away from
it...that's right..Take a vacation from the day so
to say, leave the regular stuff behind and play hooky!!
It was great, it was so good that I am now painting
away late into the night and playing on this machine.
Sometimes you just HAVE to give yourself a break. Why
is it that we are harder on ourselves than we need to
be? So next time your having one of "THOSE" days turn
it around and play a little hooky, do something fun,
laugh at it and make it into ONE OF THOSE MARVELOUS DAYS!!

WISH Jelly Cupboard..SOLD

WISH Jelly Cupboard

Above you will find a picture of a jelly cupboard that I
painted. This piece,is approxiametly 44 inches 12 1/2 inches wide and 7 1/2 inches deep. I
usually see these pieces painted in a folk style or stained.
This cupboard spoke to me about a bird and a wish.
I become quite attached to the process of painting my
pieces and this one is no exception. But, it is now SOLD!!
A wonderful women in Key West, Florida has purchased
this for a house warming gift for a friend. I am very excited
that this piece is going across country to California
and will arrive at its destination filled with love for
the friend and filled with wishes and dreams from me.
Watch for new and exciting things to appear here to purchase.
..I am always creating!
Artfully Yours,

Give your shoes a new Sole!!

Below, you will find a picture of my favorite shoes!
These are a pair of Clarks Clogs that had seen better
days, but because they had been so properly broken
in I just could not part with them! So I PAINTED
THEM!! You can give your shoes a new sole by sending
them on a retreat to my studio! I will clean them up and
reface them in a way to make them make you SMILE!
You can contact me about information on how to do
this and cost...Give your soul and your sole a beautiful

Give Yourself A New Sole!


A thousand thank you's goes out to Nici...
at ARTSHAPEDWORLD here on the blog, for
helping me post this picture!! I met Nici
at an ARTELLA retreat last fall. When
I tell you she is a very talented woman, that
is an understatement!! Thank you so much
for taking the time to help me! I am not one
who usually asks for help. So receiving is something
new! But, it was important for me to get this up
and running. So I am very proud of myself for
reaching out! To all who enter here, welcome!
And make sure that you take a look at Nici's
site..I promise you will not be disappointed!!
Artfully Yours,

Affirmation:In honor of the birth of this site!

MONDAY..MONDAY (so good to me!)

Here it is the beginning of a new week! This site
has been successfully made, and I am asking some
friends to help me figure out how to download the
pictures! (So stay tuned!!) Till then, these are some
of the things I am currently working on...
14 framed paintings for a one woman show in October!
They will all end up being 11 by 14 once they are matted
and framed. This is a different venue for me as I do
not usually do many framed pieces. Right now I am having
great fun with this idea and have 2 completed! I am just
hoping that the momentum continues! (as an artist , we
do know that the excitement can wavier!) Custom work
continues to come my way and I will be working on painting
an entry door in a clients' home! This will be in a McKenzie-
Child sort of design with my own personal twist!! Till I can
get some photos up and running you will have to use your
own imagination to see these!! I leave you with the wish
for a day so creative that you just can't wait to get started!
Artfully Yours,

Dreaming Big

Finally I am trying this venue!! I am both
scared and excited about this process! The
one thing I do know is that IT IS ABOUT
TIME!! I have been toying with this idea for
about 3 years now!! So here it is the first
post (of many I hope!). Within these pages
I am beginning a new path. I want to
share my art with others, perhaps inspire
people to create,and spread my wings and fly
a little higher. So I welcome myself and others
to this newly found blog!
Artfully Yours,