Black-Eyed Susan's

After a wonderful rain, a welcome relief here in steamy upstate New York, the black-eyed Susan's are in full bloom. Mother Nature has once again given me the wonderment of
her creations. The simple beauty of these flowers fills me with warmth. Perhaps it is the
yellow coloring of them. They just seem to be so peaceful and happy! That is my wish for
all of you today...that you be happy,warm and peaceful! Rejoice in the simple pleasures that
surround you. Open your eyes up to all the possibilities that are before you. BELIEVE

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Deborah said...

I can smell the crisp clean garden air. Makes me think of Tasha Tudor and Celia Thaxter. No doubt about it... the wonders of nature inspire your incredible use of color that blooms and bursts with JOY in your work!