One of "THOSE" days!!

You know "those" days, when everything starts out
in such a way that you doubt that it is going
to get any better! Even when you put the paint
brush in and make that first stroke, you think,
gosh, why did I just paint that color on there?!?
One of "those" days!! So I decided to walk away from
it...that's right..Take a vacation from the day so
to say, leave the regular stuff behind and play hooky!!
It was great, it was so good that I am now painting
away late into the night and playing on this machine.
Sometimes you just HAVE to give yourself a break. Why
is it that we are harder on ourselves than we need to
be? So next time your having one of "THOSE" days turn
it around and play a little hooky, do something fun,
laugh at it and make it into ONE OF THOSE MARVELOUS DAYS!!

1 comment:

Lena said...

Hey - what inspiring words from a rather talented artist. I suppose even the talented need days off!

I'm a fairly new blogger but I'll cetainly keep checking out your pieces. Keep up the good work!