Give your shoes a new Sole!!

Below, you will find a picture of my favorite shoes!
These are a pair of Clarks Clogs that had seen better
days, but because they had been so properly broken
in I just could not part with them! So I PAINTED
THEM!! You can give your shoes a new sole by sending
them on a retreat to my studio! I will clean them up and
reface them in a way to make them make you SMILE!
You can contact me about information on how to do
this and cost...Give your soul and your sole a beautiful


Cheryl said...
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Cheryl said...

Your original art on these clogs is fun & refreshing..."ahhhhh". That's my soul breathing in the delight that your artwork exudes.
...simply beautiful!

Muse Cheryl

Julie said...

Miss are amazing...never an end to your creativity!! A true inspiration! Great job on your site!! I have to send you a pr. of shoes...which ones?? LOL!

Miss you and Love you much!
L'le Julie =O)