This is a piece that I created for the SUSAN B. ANTHONY HOUSE.
I was one of 50 WOMEN artist asked to participate in a charity auction
in the celebration of women. This was a very big honor for me! The home
of Susan B. Anthony is right here in Rochester, New York! This decons bench
was designed to be a useful item. It did well at the auction and the really
COOL thing was that they split the money with the artist! I have never
done a charity event where that has happened before! I would of done it
anyhow, but WOW what a great bonus! This again is part of who I am! Part
of "paying it forward"! Giving back to my community a little bit of who I am.
I just can't recommend this enough to people. It gives you such a wonderful
feeling knowing that you can contribute with your art and your time! If you
don't know where to start with this, all you have to do is contact an agency that
you are interested in and they would be THRILLED to have your help. It
truly will make your day and theirs!
Artfully Yours,

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