Full Circle... 5 Things I am grateful for...

I do not usually do my mandala affirmations on Sunday...but this weekend messages have been coming to me without even being prompted so I HAD to listen...To view the messages of the mandalas and my affirmations ...visit me at: From the Inside Out

5 Things I am grateful for today...

1. messages that speak loud and clear from the whispers of my soul...
2. connections that run deep...that are new...that are old...that are acknowledged and honored.
3. blessings that are given...blessings that are passed on.
4. like spirits
5. a tall glass of ice tea (with mint) a cool breeze...and the love that surrounds me...BEAUTIFUL!

Artfully Yours,

PS: Can you list 5 today?...don't think to hard about them...list them quickly!!

5 Things I am grateful for today...

It is a beautiful Sunday morning..the sun is shining and the birds are singing. I am very aware of the moments that are appearing in this day and the happiness that I am feeling...With joy I share my 5 things that I am grateful for today.

1. Waking early...the silence that allows me to connect to myself...my thoughts...my spirit.
2. Memories...the kind that allow you to stay in a dream like state for moments at a time and that bring back a vividness that you can almost touch.
3. A birds nest...that has been built right outside my door so I can witness nature first hand every morning.
4. Fresh ideas...you know the kind that just pop right into your head out of no where!! That make you go AHHHH....
5. Good Wine...(Now, I suppose that might not be one that everyone would put on their list..) But I am thinking of the kind that you can leisurely sip with a friend and have a heart felt
conversation with as you do so...

May your day be filled with at least 5 things that you realize you are grateful for...Maybe more!! Have a deliciously wonderful day!!
Artfully Yours,

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I have the great heart felt pleasure of watching my grandson while my daughter is at work...
This picture shows his very wonderful SUPER HERO outfit (a towel cape...pj's and of course we cannot forget the super hero fireman rubber boots!! This is a very serious profession being a SUPER BOY!!) I had him pick out the name for the winner of the notebook...(thanks to all who left comments...if there were enough hours in one day you would all receive something!!)
Thank you again for all who left comments...and may you have a deliciously creative day being your own SUPER HERO!!
Artfully Yours,

Post # 315!!...5 things I am grateful for! and Give Away!

5 things I am grateful for ...

1. Huge smiles!
2. Following my dream!
3. Listening to my hearts' messages!
4. Believing in my joy!
5. Connecting with like spirits!

Now for the connection!! Leave me a comment and I will enter your name to receive the above journal that I made on my The BUCK Starts Here Blog....This is my 315th POST!! So I am going to reach out and connect with all ...This will go from today, June 7th through June 21...Who doesn't love a little snail mail....Leave a comment!! Just my little way of saying THANK YOU for all the wonderful connections I have made here in blog land!!
Artfully Yours,

Happily Offering Pay Pal...

I finally did it!! It took a while, but I finally did it!! I have put pay pal on my site where I actually sell art. Right now there is a beautiful bird painting...but more to come by the end of the month. I am just so excited that I finally did it!! LOL...HEY...WHAT TOOK ME SO LONG!!? It wasn't hard to do!! LOL...Come over and visit at:
Patricia J. Mosca.
Artfully Yours,

The Muse Unleashed Show...

I am honored to be part of this show at Timeless Creations...If you live in the area...stop by!!
I wish I did live in the area, but alas I do not...BUT these ladies give some fabulous classes...and they have a great on line store...(support your small business owner)

The Creative Underground
at Timeless Creations

1636 South College Avenue
Fort Collins, Colorado 80525

Store Hours: 10am-6pm

Visit our on-line webstore at www.creativeunderground.net

Artfully Yours,

5 Things I am grateful for today

I have been looking over the affirmations pages of the past 3 years....This one spoke to me today!
And reminds me of my gratitude...Today I acknowledge my awareness...

1. I am grateful to be aware of this wonderful life I am living...
2. I am grateful to be aware of the beginnings that are taking place in my life...
3. I am grateful to be connected to people who touch my heart...
4. I am grateful to be aware of my creativity and let it guide me daily...
5. I am grateful to be aware that this is a different beginning....

Artfully Yours,

My wish for you today is that you take a moment to be aware of your gratitude...and honor it. For by doing so you manifest more and more positive things your way!