GREEN Challenge

The challenge here was to use the color green! Now, as you know for me to use just one color pallet is a bit of a stretch!! So this piece was started and then abandoned by me for several weeks! The deadline was looming in front of me, and I thought that I would just give it it in...leave it be! When a friend of mine, Royce Addington, wrote a poem that I read...and BING...BANG...BOOM! the GREEN piece came to life in a glimpse! I ended up having a lot of fun with this piece and doing somethings that I do not usually do when altering...Lots of layered paint..the lily pad is actually a coaster! The vine was made from string and the leaves are hand painted paper! So here I leave you to view:


Thank you Royce for your inspiration!
Artfully Yours,


A few more 4 by 4's...

This piece was inspired by Cheryl who was surrounded by dragon flies this weekend...OH THE MAGIC!

This piece was inspired by Goddess Diana...


These are a series of 4 by 4's on canvas that I am doing!! I have about 20 of these in my sketch book to get done!! Sometimes, I get on a roll and just have to get them out fast and furious!! Not sure what I am going to do with them yet,(well actually one is a shower gift and one is a RAK!) but I am having fun!! The elements are acrylic, tin, paper, and the written word! Will post more as I complete them!
Artfully Yours,

A package arrived from Cheryl!

Yesterday I was out...running the mundane household know the grocery shopping..the bank...the post office! When I arrived home there was a box waiting for me from Cheryl! was like Christmas!! This box was filled with wonderment and delight! There were DVD's for my grandson..and some for me! There was a candle with the wonderful scent of RELAXATION! There was a beautiful little change purse that was just the right colors...and some wonderful little 4 by 4 canvas to paint on...all wrapped and bowed ...and a mandala card that was handmade with LOVE....BUT if I thought it couldn't get any better....MY HEART SKIPPED A BEAT when I opened and held these gratitude beads in my hands...I felt the power,the energy, the love, the creativity, the joy the......words cannot describe how these beads feel in my hands...smooth and textured...I wish I could do a post here that would tell you how I feel about the beads, but I can only say they made me cry...tears of pure JOY! I held them again this morning and they did the same thing....GRATITUDE! It manifests itself from deep within and pours out of me with tears of LOVE...tears of JOY...tears of FRIENDSHIP..tears of CREATIVITY! I tried very hard last night to describe to Cheryl how they make me feel...and quite simply THEY MAKE ME FEEL GRATEFUL AND LOVED!!!!!!
Thank You from the bottom of my heart Cheryl....I will carry them and be mindful every day to be grateful! They will be used and love! Thank you for being my friend, for being a creative Muse...for making such a beautiful and thoughtful gift! May we all remember today to be grateful for the smallest and the largest of treasures.
Artfully Yours,


I have been writing my affirmations for over a year now...sharing them on my blog and also in The Artella Daily Muse on Tuesday and Thursday. Since the beginning of it all I have received positive e mails and comments. But one person always shows her smiling face...and that is Lori. Lori and I have become fast friends via this machine!! And someday we will meet and do art together and laugh and giggle and share stories! (just like we do on this machine!!) We decided to do an exchange of art..each making a box for the other person...I made a BIG DREAM box for Lori and Lori made me this beautiful mandala box.(we both share a passion for mandalas)...The box is filled with little envelopes that are all handmade with affirmations inside of each one!! WOW!!!!! is all I can say!! This is like a treat within a treat within a treat!! Not only do I get the box, and the affirmations but also a matching handmade card! So for this I say THANK YOU LORI...THANK YOU for being inspired and for inspiring!! This was a wonderful exchange and I will enjoy this box forever...and today I picked a little envelope out and it said: SMILE...and that is just what I am doing right now!! If you are going to a blog and you write to the author of that blog...don't be afraid to ask if they would like to do an exchange with you...they might just say YES! And just like Lori and I ... you just might find another member of your tribe!!
Artfully Yours,

Sunday's Answer

Two weeks in a row this card has called me!! I shuffle and shuffle and shuffle the deck...ask my question, and then spread the cards out in front of me. Close my eyes and concentrate on the question while running my hands over the cards...One card always just makes my hand feel warm with tingles!! So this must be a complete sign...A sign to trust that my affirmations are being answered, that the path I follow is the right one, that the many different ideas and dreams I have set into motion and continue to do are going to take me to places that I have only dreamed of going to. Today, as I accept heavens help I will ask for clear, and understandable guidance about the next step and know in my heart that the answers will be given to me with loving care. So that would be my wish for all who enter here today...May you ask your questions...may you trust that they have been heard and then may you listen closely for your answers and continue on your path.
Artfully Yours,

OUT OF THE BLUE from Chantal...

Here is the beautiful handmade journal that Chantal sent my way for the out of the blue swap!!!! It is full of spirit and texture and inspiration!! The inside pages are beautiful high quality watercolor paper for me to create on...I have decided that this journal will be used starting on my birthday this year and will be JUST FOR ME!!!! A sweet place to honor the things that I feel blessed about! The name of this journal is COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS....and indeed it just makes you want to do that. Thank you so much for this journal Chantal, it was just what I needed and it will be treasured always. I printed out the Irish blessing and will place it on the back inside book cover....Thank you again from my heart.
To view some of the wonderful art that Chantal offers you can go to her etsy store.

Here is the Irish Blessing:

May your joys be as bright as the morning,
And your sorrows merely be shadows that fade,
in the sunlight of love.
May you have enough happiness to keep you sweet.
Enough trials to keep you strong.
Enough sorrows to keep you human.
Enough hope to keep you happy.
Enough failure to keep you humble.
Enough success to keep you eager.
Enough friends to give you comfort.
Enough faith and courage in yourself to banish sadness.
Enough wealth to meet your needs.
And one thing more: enough determination
to make each day a more wonderful day than the day before.


Sunday's Answer

It has been a long week....with the holiday right in the middle it has thrown me a little off balance, and I have not been to sure of what day it is!! LOL...I have had my grandson here over the weekend (2 1/2 years old) and he requires a lot of care, so I have not been in my studio working for several days...Actually as a grandmother (or MOMA as I am lovingly referred to as!) you forget just how much you have to do for little ones on a 24 hour routine and how tired you can get!! Not that it isn't fun, because it is such FUN! So my question is: will I be able to get back into the swing of things, to maintain my path and direction? This card has let me know that the ANSWER is YES!! And that letting myself take this little down time is the best thing that I could of done right now. That my creativity will flow that much better with this time of rest and retreat from the paint, and the paper and the pens! Like most artist I get a little upset with myself when I am not creating...GO..GO...GO!!!! And also, like most artists I know perfectly well that you must rest and refuel or you burn out quickly! So, with that being said from the voice of this card, I know that tomorrow is another day! Tomorrow is a day to begin again, with new eyes and fresh ideas. I hope that this card brings some words to you today. That you too can trust the process of that you remember that you are surrounded by the positive energy of creativity even when you are not creating in your normal way!
Artfully Yours,

Sundays Answer

As usual on Sunday, I consult my cards for my highest intentions. I am having a lot of things changing around me...My good husband's last day of work was Friday, and that causes me to have mixed feelings. I have put myself out on some tree limbs with my art to see if I can reach the apple, and that is scary and exciting. So today, I needed to see if my cards would give me a sign that all is exactly as it should be...AND ......BLESSED CHANGE!!!!!! WOW...
This card assures me that the changes in my life are actually going to help me. That these changes are an opportunity to learn, grow and prosper. By staying the course, and embracing the change rather than fearing it, the direction will come. Love is stable and always provides for me no matter what. So as the Universe pushes me toward new horizons I know that I am qualified to handle it. I gave myself permission some 10 years ago to finally do my art..(.When I became an "empty Nester"!And I could no longer suppress the call to create! ) 6 years ago I gave up my DAY job to do my art full time...and now here I am putting myself out there and changing..Changing the way I think, the way I act, the way I believe.
Blessed Change!!!!!!!!! May you also be aware today as you look at this card of the changes that are going on in your own life...and view them as blessings. For everything is occurring for the best!
Artfully Yours,