Sunday's Answer

Two weeks in a row this card has called me!! I shuffle and shuffle and shuffle the deck...ask my question, and then spread the cards out in front of me. Close my eyes and concentrate on the question while running my hands over the cards...One card always just makes my hand feel warm with tingles!! So this must be a complete sign...A sign to trust that my affirmations are being answered, that the path I follow is the right one, that the many different ideas and dreams I have set into motion and continue to do are going to take me to places that I have only dreamed of going to. Today, as I accept heavens help I will ask for clear, and understandable guidance about the next step and know in my heart that the answers will be given to me with loving care. So that would be my wish for all who enter here today...May you ask your questions...may you trust that they have been heard and then may you listen closely for your answers and continue on your path.
Artfully Yours,


Cheryl Finley: said...

Yes, Pattie... unwavering TRUST is freeing and the beacon I live by, for "Before we ask, it is (already) given." I find that living from that state of being & knowing gives me all that I need to live in peace and gratitdue.

Thank you for this post!

Isn't it wonderful!!!

Lori Pilla said...

Isn't it funny how sometimes we practically need to be "hit over the head" with something in order to "get it". I was trying to think of a saying that was a little less violent but none came to me that seemed to really say what I wanted to say.

Keep trusting! I know you help me to remember that quite often.