OUT OF THE BLUE from Chantal...

Here is the beautiful handmade journal that Chantal sent my way for the out of the blue swap!!!! It is full of spirit and texture and inspiration!! The inside pages are beautiful high quality watercolor paper for me to create on...I have decided that this journal will be used starting on my birthday this year and will be JUST FOR ME!!!! A sweet place to honor the things that I feel blessed about! The name of this journal is COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS....and indeed it just makes you want to do that. Thank you so much for this journal Chantal, it was just what I needed and it will be treasured always. I printed out the Irish blessing and will place it on the back inside book cover....Thank you again from my heart.
To view some of the wonderful art that Chantal offers you can go to her etsy store.

Here is the Irish Blessing:

May your joys be as bright as the morning,
And your sorrows merely be shadows that fade,
in the sunlight of love.
May you have enough happiness to keep you sweet.
Enough trials to keep you strong.
Enough sorrows to keep you human.
Enough hope to keep you happy.
Enough failure to keep you humble.
Enough success to keep you eager.
Enough friends to give you comfort.
Enough faith and courage in yourself to banish sadness.
Enough wealth to meet your needs.
And one thing more: enough determination
to make each day a more wonderful day than the day before.


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She Who Flies said...

I'm just so glad you like it Pattie! You know what they say: what you bring you attention to grows... so I hope that counting your blessings will bring much more into your life. What date is your birthday? I'm a September Virgo too :-)