Sundays Answer

As usual on Sunday, I consult my cards for my highest intentions. I am having a lot of things changing around me...My good husband's last day of work was Friday, and that causes me to have mixed feelings. I have put myself out on some tree limbs with my art to see if I can reach the apple, and that is scary and exciting. So today, I needed to see if my cards would give me a sign that all is exactly as it should be...AND ......BLESSED CHANGE!!!!!! WOW...
This card assures me that the changes in my life are actually going to help me. That these changes are an opportunity to learn, grow and prosper. By staying the course, and embracing the change rather than fearing it, the direction will come. Love is stable and always provides for me no matter what. So as the Universe pushes me toward new horizons I know that I am qualified to handle it. I gave myself permission some 10 years ago to finally do my art..(.When I became an "empty Nester"!And I could no longer suppress the call to create! ) 6 years ago I gave up my DAY job to do my art full time...and now here I am putting myself out there and changing..Changing the way I think, the way I act, the way I believe.
Blessed Change!!!!!!!!! May you also be aware today as you look at this card of the changes that are going on in your own life...and view them as blessings. For everything is occurring for the best!
Artfully Yours,

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