GREEN Challenge

The challenge here was to use the color green! Now, as you know for me to use just one color pallet is a bit of a stretch!! So this piece was started and then abandoned by me for several weeks! The deadline was looming in front of me, and I thought that I would just give it it in...leave it be! When a friend of mine, Royce Addington, wrote a poem that I read...and BING...BANG...BOOM! the GREEN piece came to life in a glimpse! I ended up having a lot of fun with this piece and doing somethings that I do not usually do when altering...Lots of layered paint..the lily pad is actually a coaster! The vine was made from string and the leaves are hand painted paper! So here I leave you to view:


Thank you Royce for your inspiration!
Artfully Yours,


Royce Addington: said...

Pattie J. Mosca:
(wish I could figure out how to type this in green!)

This 'GREEN Challenge' piece is FANTASTIC! Everything about it! The detail in the wings is amazing.
Your fusion of greens, one upon the other, is so refreshing and spirited! The Lily pad - ingenius!
The way you made the poem come alive with movement!

I am honoured that the synchronistic current is dancing and clapping and laughing and inviting us into the circle!


Lisa said...


Lori Pilla said...

I love the green. Isn't amazing that what we think is a "stretch" is only in our minds. And when jogged our mind allows our abilities to take over. I did a green challenge in "inchies." An 8 x 11" sheet collaged and cut into 88 inch size squares. It was a lot of fun. Each piece was a masterpiece in itself.

Thanks for sharing