I have been writing my affirmations for over a year now...sharing them on my blog and also in The Artella Daily Muse on Tuesday and Thursday. Since the beginning of it all I have received positive e mails and comments. But one person always shows her smiling face...and that is Lori. Lori and I have become fast friends via this machine!! And someday we will meet and do art together and laugh and giggle and share stories! (just like we do on this machine!!) We decided to do an exchange of art..each making a box for the other person...I made a BIG DREAM box for Lori and Lori made me this beautiful mandala box.(we both share a passion for mandalas)...The box is filled with little envelopes that are all handmade with affirmations inside of each one!! WOW!!!!! is all I can say!! This is like a treat within a treat within a treat!! Not only do I get the box, and the affirmations but also a matching handmade card! So for this I say THANK YOU LORI...THANK YOU for being inspired and for inspiring!! This was a wonderful exchange and I will enjoy this box forever...and today I picked a little envelope out and it said: SMILE...and that is just what I am doing right now!! If you are going to a blog and you write to the author of that blog...don't be afraid to ask if they would like to do an exchange with you...they might just say YES! And just like Lori and I ... you just might find another member of your tribe!!
Artfully Yours,

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