A package arrived from Cheryl!

Yesterday I was out...running the mundane household errands...you know the grocery shopping..the bank...the post office! When I arrived home there was a box waiting for me from Cheryl! Oh...it was like Christmas!! This box was filled with wonderment and delight! There were DVD's for my grandson..and some for me! There was a candle with the wonderful scent of RELAXATION! There was a beautiful little change purse that was just the right colors...and some wonderful little 4 by 4 canvas to paint on...all wrapped and bowed ...and a mandala card that was handmade with LOVE....BUT if I thought it couldn't get any better....MY HEART SKIPPED A BEAT when I opened and held these gratitude beads in my hands...I felt the power,the energy, the love, the creativity, the joy the......words cannot describe how these beads feel in my hands...smooth and textured...I wish I could do a post here that would tell you how I feel about the beads, but I can only say they made me cry...tears of pure JOY! I held them again this morning and they did the same thing....GRATITUDE! It manifests itself from deep within and pours out of me with tears of LOVE...tears of JOY...tears of FRIENDSHIP..tears of CREATIVITY! I tried very hard last night to describe to Cheryl how they make me feel...and quite simply THEY MAKE ME FEEL GRATEFUL AND LOVED!!!!!!
Thank You from the bottom of my heart Cheryl....I will carry them and be mindful every day to be grateful! They will be used and love! Thank you for being my friend, for being a creative Muse...for making such a beautiful and thoughtful gift! May we all remember today to be grateful for the smallest and the largest of treasures.
Artfully Yours,


She Who Flies said...

Wow Pattie! These gratitude prayer beads are stunning! No wonder you're speechless :-)

Cheryl Finley: said...

I can't tell you how very thrilled I am that you feel the way you do about your Gratitude Beads. When I went through my Inspiration Basket of beads, there were jubilant shouts as well as whispers of your name when I came to these. They were literally asking to be the guardians of YOUR gratitude.

Creating intuitively, as you know, is the ONLY way to go. I am so glad I listened! I loved making them. May they continue to make your heart ring out with gratitude... and may you know how much you are loved, appreciated and celebrated by me!


Pattie Mosca said...

There you go making me cry all over again!! Just held them close to my heart again!!!!!!!!!!!

Hélène Deroubaix said...

oh so beautiful, lovely dragonfly:-)
isn't it so amazing to receive handmade beauties?

blessed be!

Royce Addington said...

This beautiful and magnificent ripple of friendship and support can be felt all the way down here!
I feel so honoured to know you both!

Art from your Souls equals Radiant Luminosity for our Hearts!

omgirly said...

the dragonfly is a harbinger and leads us through change and exploration. how fitting for your beads! (I have a bracelet on my wrist with a dragonfly too...I love it :-) )