MONDAY..MONDAY (so good to me!)

Here it is the beginning of a new week! This site
has been successfully made, and I am asking some
friends to help me figure out how to download the
pictures! (So stay tuned!!) Till then, these are some
of the things I am currently working on...
14 framed paintings for a one woman show in October!
They will all end up being 11 by 14 once they are matted
and framed. This is a different venue for me as I do
not usually do many framed pieces. Right now I am having
great fun with this idea and have 2 completed! I am just
hoping that the momentum continues! (as an artist , we
do know that the excitement can wavier!) Custom work
continues to come my way and I will be working on painting
an entry door in a clients' home! This will be in a McKenzie-
Child sort of design with my own personal twist!! Till I can
get some photos up and running you will have to use your
own imagination to see these!! I leave you with the wish
for a day so creative that you just can't wait to get started!
Artfully Yours,

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