5 Things I am grateful for today

As I sit here this morning and listen to the quiet I am reminded to write the 5 things I am grateful for today....Because today is a beautiful day!!

1. Being able to witness the beauty of nature...the wonderful plants and growth that is both beautiful and new to my eyes.

2. Not leaving to many words un-said....being able to comfortably say all that needs to be said.

3. Watching as a little one tells adults to "say your sorry" ..."you have to love each other" ...simple words that one should not loose sight of.

4. Having my son here not only for my birthday celebration, but to come and visit and laugh and remind me of having fun!!! (he lives out of town)

5. Getting back into the creative mode....(you know when that block happens...and the lull comes in and then...one day...BAM!)

My wish is that you take a moment today and discover 5 things you are grateful for....and let me add a 6th...ALL WHO ENTER HERE TODAY!!!
Artfully yours,


brenda said...

1. having great friends
2.my morning coffee and newspaper.
3. my loving hubby and daughter
4. being able to have most anything that i really want
5. being a creative soul........
thanks Pattie for re-minding me!

laurel said...

1. My wonderful siblings who I actually like and get along with.
2. My mom even though we butt heads all the time (because she lives with me) You know, the two women in one house thing.
3. That I have fun with my coworkers every day.
4. My lovely home.
5. A God who loves me in spite of myself.

Is that an artichoke? I love artichokes. Now I'm going to have to go buy one to eat. yummy!