Simple Truths...

1. Playtime is a VERY IMPORTANT part of each and every day!
2. People make the best pillows!
3. Accidents and mistakes happen!!
4. Mind your manners!
5. Kiss a boo-boo! (it makes the hurt go away!)
6. Dreams CAN come true!
7. Screaming hurts your ears! (and other people's ears!)
8. A nap will make you feel better!!
9. No one should feel or be left out!!
10. Friends are SO important (even imaginary ones!)
11. Happiness can be any color!
12. Every drawing is a masterpiece.
13. Everything is better with whip cream and cherries on the top!!
(May you have one of those days!)
Artfully Yours,


Giggles said...

Wonderful list that I'd hate to live without!! Beautiful art too! Thanks for sharing!!

Hugs Giggles

Brenda said...

such a cute piece of art--

laurel said...

A second Amen (even though I'm going backwards in my reading of your blog). Love the artwork too.