5 Things I am grateful for today

5 things I am grateful for today....

1. SUMMER: the heat...the humidity...the feeling of warmth...the feeling of love. (living in upstate NY I am very aware of the way the sun plays such a positive role in my life.)

2. RAIN: the softness of the sound of a summer rain....the way the earth seems to drink up the nourishment of nature...and the way it washes over me with gentleness as I stand in it.

3. TIME: the luxury I have of being able to do things on "my own time"!

4. GROWTH: feeling the growth of self and seeing the changes.

5. LAUGHTER: the pure joy of laughing heartily and the wonderful feelings it presents to me.
(I realize that I am grateful for this a lot...but what a difference laughter makes in our lives)

Keeping with the practice of making this gratitude list every week, allows me a moment just to reflect on the things that have taken place. Time goes by so quickly...it moves from Monday thru into Sunday sometimes in a blink....Take a moment today and reflect on that which you are grateful for...It will bring back a remembrance from the week that will delight you I am sure.
Artfully Yours,

PS: The above mandala can be viewed at: FROM THE INSIDE OUT.


yertle said...

I love this. It is beautiful and feels like having fun!

Royce Addington said...

1. Kindness awakened by a favor received.
2. Kindly disposed to an inspiring benefactor.
3. Delightful, De-Lovely, Delicious
4. A feeling in the heART
5. 1 + 4 Above = Pattie J.

squarepegperson said...

Me too! i was JUST saying i want to do this as a "thing" with my not-so-kids..kids (too old to really be called "kids")

so...1)the joy of being alive
2) heatlh - sounds trite..but wow..just feels good to feel good..to be able to walk and talk and feel things
3) so many marvelous people in my life - almost unreal how that's come about
4)being able to work from home - and be with my best friend (dtr, right hand woman in the biz)
5)YOU and your writing and art! makes me smile..makes me remember