We invite You to join the party!

On behalf of the182 pink artists everywhere, we'd like to personally invite you to join the festivities, a joyous blog party happening August 1- October 15, 2008 on our blogs and in our homes. Mark those calendars to attend an event orchestrated by The Pink Artists to raise awareness & donations for breast cancer research.

I have just donated the above piece of art for one of the prizes you can receive during this party and for donating. This is such a wonderful and heartfelt project that Monica has created. She has poured herself heart and soul into this and gotten so many artist involved. Click on the above links or use the badge on the side bar to get to the site that tells you all about this project. Make sure that you see the BEAUTIFUL ART DOLL that was created by Monica and art friends (I am part of that project too!) It will do your heart good to give to this project and the donation allows you to be in on drawings for the art doll and some wonderful goodies donated by some wonderful artist. When you donate you are helping us find a cure...maybe not for ourselves, or woman our age...but perhaps for our daughters...our granddaughters...and let us not forget the men that are also affected by this disease. I will repost this again closer to the date...Donate today!!
Artfully Yours,


squarepegperson said...

What a beautiful project for a great cause. And Pattie, your butterfly piece is gorgeous! I love your giving are sooooo giving, so often..SUCH a big deal..I'm inspired by you!!

Laura B said...

I would love to come and join your pink blog party and would also love to donate a pink delight too. How does it work?
I love your piece, it looks so fragile and delicate :)

mermaid musings said...