Sunday Morning Grateful List....

Good Sunday to all who arrive here today...It is early here in upstate NY and even the birds are not yet singing....I will take this moment of silence to list the 5 things I am grateful for this fine day!

1. A cool gentle breeze on a very humid evening, allowing me to sit and watch the stars appear.
2. The knowledge that my words and art strike a cord in others enough for them to pass on wonderful words and awards.
3. Having a dream so close that I can almost touch it...
4. Being open enough to let myself learn new things.
5. Sharing who I am and what I do with myself and with others with a cup full of permission.

Artfully Yours,

PS: what wonderful things are you grateful for today?


She Who Flies said...

These are wonderful things to be grateful for :-)

Love the colorful cups, by the way!

Judy H in NC said...

Grateful for this evening:

1. Finally moved into a wonderful new apartment and have almost everything unpacked.

2. Third floor means sitting on the balcony with no mesquitoes

3. In a few months, the walk up and down the stairs will tone my 50 year old calves.

4. Can start walking to/from work again.

5. Have a chance to put my feet up and catch up with friends online.

SBNoto said...

grateful that my one and only son has found happiness w/ the love of his life and her son :)