Coffee Thoughts...

Daylight savings time!! HA! So I am really up at 5:30 instead of the usual 6:30...So I did a little painting and drank a pot of coffee before my usual hour...And now I will start my day! HA! Got to love daylight savings time that throws you completely out of whack for a couple days...I love how they say you get an extra hour of sleep!! Who are they that say that and do they live in my house?! I hope you did better than I did with your sleep!!
Artfully Yours,


Giggles said...

Love the combination of colors here! Yes it's much better to Fall back than spring ahead for sure!! Besides we need more sleep in the winter!!
I am up early too!

Peace Giggles

Brenda said...

Hi Honey-
Glad to see you posting!
Happy Fall,

laurel said...

Everyone was dragging a bit at work on Monday from the time change. I'm one of the fortunate few whose body doesn't care what time it is only whether or not it got 8-9 hours of sleep, which it usually doesn't.