Color ..(coloring books)

Someone asked me the other day, how I start a painting.This is not an easy question to answer, but I am going to give it a good try!! I usually start a painting just by putting on a background of color. Lots of color, I layer different colors on top of each other, blend colors until it is pleasing to me. Then I look at it and see what it is that is is telling me to do. Sometimes a visual comes to me, sometimes a word. If the visual comes, well then that is the easy part. I sketch it on the background and start to paint. If the word comes to me, then I have to dig a little deeper and see what it is that the word wants me to paint...Today, in my daily journal the word was DREAM. After I thought about what it was that the word was saying to me, I wrote it down and then the image appeared. I do these sort of like coloring books. Remember coloring books? Weren't they the best? My wish for all today is that you go and get yourself one of those coloring books and a box of Crayolas. The box of 24 has all the good colors, but it you want real fun, spring for the box of 64!! If you have to start out as a closet colorer, I completely understand that! LOCK THE DOOR, PULL DOWN THE BLINDS, PUT THE CAT OUT and GO FOR IT! You will find and remember absolute bliss.
How do I know this, because I do this in some form every day. And trust me when I tell you...You will not believe the difference it makes in your life. TRY IT..YOU JUST MIGHT FALL IN LOVE WITH COLORING ALL OVER AGAIN!
Artfully Yours,

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