September 1st Reflection Friday

I started this affirmation journal when I was given an assignment for my creativity coaching class. The class has ended, but I have decided that I want to continue with my pages. Something that really has become a focus for me in the morning. It also, helps me to be aware of the positive voices that I have close to my heart for the art work that I am creating. Reflection Friday is when I look over the pages I have done for the week and I find what it is that they have said to me and the lessons that I have learned about myself. I am learning alot! Hey, who said you can't teach an old dog new tricks!! It is my birthday month, and I have changed the eye for September too! So September will be the beginning of a new year in my life! I am excited and looking forward to this adventure!I want to take a moment to and thank my personal MUSE, Jill Badonsky, for her strong belief in me and for directing me to my creativity. And to all my friends, both OLD and NEW who support and love me during all my days! And of course I would not be taking home the "Oscar" if I did not thank my family for loving me in such a strong way that I have become a much stronger person because of it! That is my wish for you today. That you too are excited and looking forward to the adventures of your life. That you take a few moments every day and recognize the positive feelings that you have within yourself for yourself. That you acknowledge them and all the people who support you. It is a very powerful and emotional beginning to any day. I highly recommend it!
Artfully Yours,

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