While coaching a client this week we began a conversation about perspectives and keeping them! There are times that it is easy to lose sight of the things that we hold true to ourself and know comes from our higher self. I would like to say that I always have a focus on my perspectives, but I know that not to be true. There are days when that little nagging negative voice comes over to my house to play! When those days happen it is easy to lose sight of the important things to do with your creativity. The truth of the matter is that sometimes that nagging little voice actually takes over the creative space and just makes a mess of things. In our conversation it became very clear that at that moment that voice seems to be getting very loud, you must STOP! BREATHE! Let it have its 15 minutes of FAME and then say..OK NOW BE GONE! We all can be stopped in our tracks with this negative side of ourself, no matter how successful we may be! Some long held belief that we just aren't good enough, or do not deserve to be this happy! It is just a part of life I guess, but keeping hold of our perspective makes you come back...Back to the space that is happy, that does know that you deserve the happiness! So that is my wish for you today...That you keep sight of your perspectives! That you know when the negative comes, that following right behind it in bigger footsteps is your positive...your perspectives...STOP! And BREATHE it back in! It is like a clean fresh breath of brilliant creative air!
Artfully Yours,

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