Burst of Growth

I have been having a very HAPPY week creatively! And I have to say I have not been doing a lot of art! I have dabbled in some here and there, I have been looking at a lot of wonderful magazines filled with all sorts of visual eye candy. I have been thinking of art, dreaming of art, day dreaming and just generally being happy with that. I use to "beat" myself up when I was not creating...You know, how do you call yourself an artist when you aren't even doing anything!! When one day I realized...this down time is PART OF THE PROCESS! My mentor calls it my "INCUBATION" time! And she is right...I have come full circle this week! I have been working so long and hard on getting the paintings ready, doing my altered book, creating a few projects (small ones) for a few coaching clients, that I was a little tired. I didn't even realize that I was...But, now after having taken a few naps, looked at some of the magazines, gone out for a few lattes and did a little window shopping I realize that I was. Now I am ready to start again...I have had a BURST from this down time!
Tomorrow is another day and I can't wait to step right into it! So that is my wish for you today, that you realize the value of your down time. That you know it is really an honoring of who you are and what you do. To receive that burst is an important step, but you have to allow yourself the time to be quiet so that you can receive it fully! It is BIG ... it is beautiful...and it is all about your creativity!
Artfully Yours,

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