Reflection Fr"I"day!

Another week has passed! As you are aware this week has been filled with happiness and my being aware of it! That is not to say that all has been happy!! My daughter and grandson moved out this week and so that was a very sad day! I did manage to stay out of the house all day so that I did not have to witness the final departure! However, I know that I will adjust to this, I have my grandson here today, so things appear fairly normal!! I also know that the time that we spend with him now that he will not be here every day with be EXTRA SPECIAL!!!!!! And that makes me very HAPPY!!So as usual one must remember that there are two sides to every coin! Yes, sometimes things appear to hit you badly and cause a little sadness, but then FLIP it over to the other side and perhaps the sun is shining. So that is my wish for you today...FLIP...Take a look at the other side of things...turn it over gently...hold it for what it is and love it...Cause you never know what kind of happiness lies around the corner or the other side!!
Artfully Yours,

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