Remember the fire in your heart!

Just another update...I have completed another painting!!
I have decided that I will be doing 12 paintings and a wall installation. Why? Well, because I usually paint on wood and one of the designs that I see in my heart would look better on wood! So I have decided that it is what I should do!! Actually by finishing this painting it became more aparent to me...I am remembering the fire in my heart. I love the feel of the texture that objects that I paint allow me. I sand and finish and there are just so many steps to it..I guess I like all the steps. I must say that I am having great fun with the paper, but I have started the wood piece and my heart is singing! So that is my wish for you today, before I get back into the paint, that your remember the fire in your heart. Even if you think that fire was put out a long time ago, with age or someones words. REMEMBER IT! REKINDLE IT! Know in your heart that it is still there and needs you to honor it. So whatever it was(or is)take it and take time for it. It will make your heart sing, I know that to be true!
Artfully Yours,

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