Saturday, September 16, 2006

There is no picture today! I am actually feeling a bit under the weather...
I also know that I have hit the wall while running! I am not sure what happened, but
guess I will blame it on to much sugar!! I have been posting in my "blue book journal" today, and this coming right after such a week of happiness! But, I think that is it!I can never quite figure out why it is that I just can't STAY THERE in the happiness. Why is it that for whatever reason I do not think I deserve it for long? So today I am in the "blue funk" I am slowly coming out of it!! But I think that I will have to really focus on the gratitute that I have within MORE today than ever...And that is my wish for you today....FOCUS...FOCUS...FOCUS....I just got this mail and I will share with you while I ponder it also:

Your body is constantly renewing itself via the thought forms and energetic patterns you radiate. Change the self-limiting patterns and negative forms to those of positive, expansive vibrations and you change your body, your reality, and your world. (Archangel Michael through Ronna Herman) -
Artfully Yours,

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