I am really enjoying doing my daily affirmation journal. I think it is because it is a positive message every morning, and I really don't think about it to much. I am not offering it for sale so it does not have to be perfect...things can be misspelled and the paint can be out of the lines...It is also something that I keep for myself (and share with YOU!) but I do not keep to many art pieces for myself that I make. Most get sold and some very special ones go to very special people in my life! Anyhow, this piece sort of reminds me of a christmas ornament...and for whatever reason once it was complete it just made me SMILE! One of those deep down within you smiles that make you feel warm all over and just make you glow. I never know why somethings do this, but I certainly am glad they do! So that is my wish for you today, that you become aware of something in your life that causes you to experience one of those deep smiles...and rejoice in the happy dance...throw your arms up in the air and give out a big TA-DA!!!!!! Smiles..just start and make the day perfect. So here is to a perfect SMILE DAY!
Artfully Yours,

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