Do you ever just sit down at the studio table, or wherever you do your creative work, and you have no idea what is driving your hand to draw something? Your brain is not even in the process! Well, that is what happened with my morning affirmation today!I sat down picked up the pencil...and the drawing really just drew itself...The paint jumped out of the tubes onto the paper...and before I knew it ...It was done!! Like magic...That is how I feel about art most of the time... It is just pure magic. People often ask me where I get ideas from and I always feel sort of silly when I say things like, well...they just come to me...or well...the piece just sort of tells me what to do! But that is the process for me!! It isn't like I do still life paintings or portraits...I just see this design or a color in my mind and I just have to paint it!! So that is my wish for you today, that you see your magic in whatever it is that you are doing. That you recognize the power it has and let it just awe you! Make it appear on paper, on wood, on canvas with metal, with beads with yarn or fabric, with ink and pencils...wherever it can!! Just pull the rabbit out of the hat of creativity and make your magic! WHAT A SHOW!!!
Artfully Yours,

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