This is a photo of my beloved kitty Kitt who I have been the proud owner of for the past 11 years. We got Kitt after the kids flew the nest and the Doctor thought perhaps my empty nest needed someone to mother. So my good husband took me to the pound for our anniversay (even though he was not fond of cats...he is fond of me!) We saw one litter of kitties that were all black and they asked which one I would like, which I answered well, the black one! LOL! They lifted up one of the little black kitties and there was a golden baby that could fit in a teacup! Oh NO! I must have that one!! And off Kitt went with us to his new home...He has been a handful, a loving pet and a joy to me. He curls up underneath my arm every night to sleep, promptly wakes us at 6 AM demanding to be fed and delights us with fetching toys and bringing us dead bugs! This perhaps sounds past tense because it is...Kitt made a mad escape last week while I was out of town. Being an indoor cat he must of been compelled for what ever reason to go outside. It is now day 6 and he is no where in sight. I am heartsick for my lost, delighted that I knew him for 11 1/2 years and still hold on to some hope that he will appear at the door like nothing ever happened! So my wish for you today is to kiss the nose of your pet, tell them you love them, give them a treat and SMILE because of the joy and the unconditional love they bring to you.
Artfully Yours,

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